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The 5 Aside football society is a different variation of football that takes part on a smaller pitch and involves teams of 5 instead of teams of 11. 5 Aside would normally be played on a small Astroturf pitch however the DMU 5 Aside is played in the sports hall in the QEII Leisure Centre. 5 Aside normally happens on a Wednesday evening and last from 9:30pm till 11pm


  • Each match lasts around 5 minutes or until a team scores 2 goals more than the opposition.
  • Sliding and charging tackles are not allowed.
  • There are no offside rules
  • The penalty area is different from the normal football pitch. The penalty area is semi circular in which only the goalkeeper can touch the ball in. No other players can touch the ball when it is in the penalty area and must wait for either the ball to roll out of keeper to pick it up.
  • The goalkeeper can only distribute the ball through there hands. The only reason the keeper should kick the ball is to make a save.
  • No metal studded boots or blades are to be worn.