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Adobe Photoshop is a digital image editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac. It is a powerful software capable of maniplulating images for print or web, and is used by a wide variety of creatives from photographers to artists.


Adobe Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, it has become the most used graphics editor within the industry. It uses several color models including RGB, CMYK, Lab color Space, spot color, and duo-tone. Photoshop has vast support for graphic file formats but also uses its own PSD and PSB file formats. It has limited abilities to edit or render text, vector graphics, 3D graphics, and video. Photoshop's feature set can be expanded by Photoshop plug-ins: programs developed and distributed interdependently of Photoshop that can run inside it and offer new or enhanced features.

Early History

In 1987, Thomas Knoll began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display grayscale images on a monochrome display[1]. Later that year, Thomas renamed his program Photoshop and worked out a short-term deal with scanner manufacturer Barneyscan to distribute copies of the program with a slide scanner. Photoshop was then showed to Apple and Adobe. Both showings were successful, and Adobe decided to purchase the license to distribute in September 1988.


Upon loading Photoshop, a sidebar with a variety of tools with multiple image-editing functions appears to the left of the screen. These tools consist of:

  • Pen Tool
  • Selection
  • Cropping
  • Slicing
  • Moving
  • Marquee
  • Lasso
  • Quick Selection
  • Magic Wand
  • Eraser
  • Video Editing
  • Color Replacement Tool


There are many different versions of Photoshop throughout the years each with their new expansion of tools and uses.

  • 1.0 (1990)
  • 2.0 (1991)
  • 2.5 (1992)
    • This is the first version of Photoshop that was able to run on Windows[1].
  • 3.0 (1994)
  • 4.0 (1996)
  • 5.0 (1998)
  • 5.5 (1999)
  • 6.0 (2000)
  • 7.0 (2002)

Creative Suite (CS) Series

  • CS (2003)
  • CS2 (2005)
  • CS3 (2007)
  • CS4 (2008)
  • CS5 (2010)
  • CS6 (2012)

Creative Cloud (CC) Series

The following versions of Photoshop are obtained through through subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • CC (2013)
  • CC 2014 (2014)

Other Versions

  • Photoshop Touch (Designed for use of touch pads and devices)

Tutorials and Helpful Tools


Basic Rundown of Design Tools

  • Alice Owers found a simple YouTube tutorial that covers the basic tools of Photoshop CS6 and their various uses, this is a useful tutorial for anyone new to Photoshop and looking to enhance their photography.
Tutorial Description Link
Snowtutorial.png Creating realistic snow in Photoshop to fit within an enviroment.
Snowtutorial2.png Changing an image into a drawing in Photoshop


  • Lucy Pinker Found the folliwng simple video on how to use an action within the program.
Tutorial Description Link
Artemisedit.png Using the Moonstone Action Within Photoshop



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