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Alice Mutch (born August 1996)Alice is a first year BSc Media Production student at De Montfort University. Alice was originally born in Gateshead, Newcastle, then moved to Warrington in 2000 and now lives in Leicester for her studies.


Alice has keen interests in the production of films and also watching and reviewing films, she has been fascinated by movies from a young age and has always had movie nights with her family. Alice also has a eger interest to travel and explore the world, she has travel to various exotic Countries which include Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zanzibar, Abu Dhabi and Barbados, including other Countries throughout Europe.

Early Life

Alice was born in Gateshead, daughter of Kerry Mutch and Paul Mutch on the 12th of August 1996 at 00:45 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead. Alice lived in gateshead with her mother, father and brother, Simon Mutch and attended a local nursery. When she was four years old Alice and her family moved down to the North West to a town called Warrington in 2000 when she was four years old.


St. Josephs Catholic Primary School (2000-2007)

Alice Mutch attended St. Josephs Catholic Primary School from september 2000 to July 2007.

Alice participated in a variety of sports including football, gymnastics, judo as well as learning to play the violin. Alice also had a keen interest in drama and participated in school productions including Olive Twist and Alice In Wonderland.

St. Gregory's Catholic High School (2007-2012)

Alice attended St. Gregory's Catholic High School from September 2007 to May 2012.

Alice joined the netball team in year 7 and later became captain for the team in year 8 for a team, but had to leave the team for her studies at the end of year 9.

Alice went on to complete her GCSE's earning herself 8 GCSE's A*-C in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Advanced Science, Geography, Art, Drama.

Priestley College (2012-2014)

After finishing High School, Alice decided she would carry on in education and go to a local college in Warrington, Alice attended Priestley College from September 2012 to June 2014.

For Alice's studies she decided to study Double Health and Social Care and Media Studies, not knowing what she wanted to do in the future.

During Alice's time at college she had a radio show for a short period of time called 'Media Mix Up' along with two other class mates. She also completed her bronze Duke of Edinburgh through the college.

After finishing college Alice graduated with a Merit Merit in Media Studies and a CD in Health and Social Care, gaining a place at De Montfort University which was her first choice, studying BSc Media Production

De Montfort University (2014-Present)

Alice started De Montfort University in September 2014 to study BSc Media Production as Alice became interested in the making and production of films and TV shows. De Montfort University was Alice's first choice along with Salford University for her second choice and Edge Hill University for her third choice, she was accepted to all three universities.

While being at De Montfort University Alice has produced a animation trailer for an animated Robin Hood film aimed towards children. Alice has also created a photography montage on a holiday brochure and take multiple photographs for the phrases 'Devil Gates Drive', 'Dance with the Devil', 'The End The World' and 'There's So Much Trouble In The World'.


At De Montfort University Alice is part of the Demon Media society, so far Alice has helped film for the TV show 'Freshers' that Demon Media produced, Alice helped by being park of the film crew and filming certain scenes. Alice is also part of the DMU Pole Fitness society.

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