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Alice Owers (born 22 July 1996) is a BSc Media Production student at De Montfort University (a.k.a DMU). Alice was born in Harlow in Essex but moved to Chelmsford (Essex) in 2001. Alice is currently living in Leicester while she is studying at De Montfort University. When starting university Alice joined the institutions media society Demon Media and operated a camera for 'Freshers TV', which was broadcast by Demon TV. Alice also became a member of the DMU Cocktail Society.

Early Life

Alice was born to Hazel Owers and Andrew Owers on 22 July 1996 at 22:07 at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex. Alice lived in Harlow with her mother, father and brother (John Owers) where she attended the local nursery and began primary school before moving to Chelmsford, Essex at the age of 5.


The Downs Primary School (2000-2001)

Alice attended The Downs Primary School in Harlow, from September 2000 to June 2001.

It was here that Alice developed a keen interest in art and music and began learning to play the Recorder.

Oaklands Infants School (2001-2003)

Alice attended Oaklands Infants School in Chelmsford from September 2001 to June 2003.

Alice participated in a variety of activities and was a member of both the Music Club and the Art Club. While at Oaklands Alice continued learning the Recorder.

Moulsham Junior School (2003-2007)

Alice attended Moulsham Junior School from September 2003 to June 2007.

While at Moulsham Junior School Alice joined the schools Netball team and played in the goal keeper or goal defence position; she also frequently competed against other schools.

Alice's love of music followed her from infants school and in 2005, while in Year 5 Alice began learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

While at Moulsham Alice developed a passion for History and particularly enjoyed learning about the Victorians and the Titanic.

Moulsham High School (2007-2012)

Alice attended Moulsham High School from September 2007 to May 2012.

Alice was part of the schools netball team in Year 7 and 8 where she played in the position of goal defence. Alice was a member of the schools cross country running club from 2008-2012, Alice enjoyed running and competed in several District sporting events with fellow pupils.

Alice also completed her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award while at Moulsham High School

Alice gained an interest in journalism and film studies while studying English at Moulsham. She also found I.C.T and Functional Skills very interesting and enjoyed learning how to create websites and blogs.

Alice left High School with 13 GCSE's, all grade A*-C.

Moulsham Sixth Form (2012-2014)

After leaving secondary school Alice chose to stay on at her schools sixth form. Alice attended Moulsham Sixth Form from September 2012 to June 2014.

While at Sixth Form Alice studied 4 A-Levels in Media Studies, Photography, English Language, and General Studies.

Alice chose to study Media, Photography, and English Language because of her interests in art, journalism, website design and media; particularly in film. Alice chose to study photography because she enjoyed it as a hobby but had never studied it before. Alice particularly enjoyed editing her photos using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop.

Alice was also a journalist and editor for her sixth form magazine in Year 12.

Alice also studied Psychology in Year 12 but didn't continue it into her final year; Alice received an AS Level for this. Although Alice chose to drop Psychology, she thoroughly enjoyed studying it and was particularly interested in Social Psychology.

De Montfort University (2014-Present)

Alice is currently attending De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, Leicestershire. Alice started at De Montfort in September 2014 and will graduate in May 2017. Alice is studying BSc Media Production due to her interests in Media Studies, Photography, and Film.

BSc Media Production at De Montfort was Alice's first choice in UCAS and she was very happy to get offered a place on the course. Alice has completed several projects for university including a photography and photomontage project and an animated trailer for a children's Robin Hood film.

While being at DMU Alice has been involved in its media society Demon Media, particularly in it's TV section; Demon TV where she was an audience member and a camera operator for the Demon TV broadcast Freshers TV. She's also a member of the universities Cocktail society.


WHSmith (2013-2014)

Alice Worked for WHSmith in Chelmsford as a Customer Assistant from September 2013 to September 2014. Alice's roles included restocking shelves, scanning magazines as well as serving and assisting customers. Alice enjoyed working for WHSmith but left there to go to De Montfort University.

Chicago's Nightclub (2014)

Alice worked for Chicago's Leisure in Chelmsford as a Promoter from 30th July 2014 to September 17th 2014. Alice started the job shortly after her 18th Birthday as she was then of the legal age to work in a nightclub. Alice's roles included attending Wildlife Wednesdays! at the club, every Wednesday, social network promotions and creating online guestlists. Alice also sold tickets for Chicagos for Chelmsfords A-Level results festival. Alice worked alongside several friends at Chicagos which made the experience very enjoyable for her, Alice also got free entry to the club. Alice left Chicago's to go to university

Boots (December 2014)

Alice worked at Boots in Chelmsford as a Christmas Customer Assistant on the main tills and in the fragrance department. Alice started working in Boots on 7th December 2014 and finished working there on 28th December 2014 her roles included serving and assisting customers, working on the fragrance counter, tidying the shop and restocking high-selling products.

Personal Life

Alice has a brother named John, 2 cats called Tabby and Rosie and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Scooby; who she named after Scooby Doo, which is one of her favourite childhood cartoons.


Alice describes herself as a huge cinephile and says her favourite films include Fight Club,Reservoir Dogs,Howl's Moving Castle, and Palo Alto. Alice would like to achieve a career in the film industry, ideally as a director or a producer, this has been her ambitions since first studying GCSE Media at Moulsham High School. Alice currently studies Media Production at De Montfort University in the hopes of achieving a qualification that would help her to get into the film industry.

Alice says her favourite TV programmes include Absolutely Fabulous, Community, American Horror Story and The IT Crowd. Alice would also like to try script-writing for a TV show or comedy film, She became interested in scriptwriting during her study of English at GCSE level in which she particularly enjoyed writing film reviews and creating scripts for TV pilots.

Alice also states she's a massive music fan and mainly listens to Rock, Indie, Alternative, and Rap genres. Her favourite bands/artists include Vampire Weekend, who are an American Indie Rock band. English indie band, Little Comets, who despite having a small fan base are well loved for the beauty and intricacy of their lyrics, The Libertines, who are an English Rock band fronted by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, and American rapper, Childish Gambino. In the Summer of 2014 Alice saw Vampire Weekend, Childish Gambino and Little Comets as well as many other artists live at many different festivals; Alice is yet to see The Libertines live.

Alice also has a passion for music and has been to several music festivals including Reading Festival in Reading, Boardmasters Festival in Newquay, Cornwall, V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex, Brownstock at Morris Farm, Essex, and Lovebox in Victoria Park, London.


Alice says she loves travelling and has been to several places around the world. Alice got her love of travel from her parents who always organised holidays for the family, Alices Mother, Hazel Owers, is a huge Disney fan so they often went on holidays to Disneyland Paris, Disneyworld in Florida and the Disney California Adventure Park. Alice also picked up a love of Disney from he mother and the two of them have been to Disneyland Paris over 10 times.


Alice is very fond of America and states she particularly loves their breakfasts and is a fan of several American TV shows including It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and True Detective.

Alice has been to several parts of America with both friends and family. Alice visited California with family in August 2009 and stayed in L.A, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. While Alice loved every location she visited she was very ill in Yosemite and kept passing out due to the overwhelming heat in the park. Alice loved visiting Hollywood and looking at all the stars on the Walk of Fame But her favourite part of the trip was visiting San Francisco, a place which she wants to visit again one day when she's a little older. She enjoyed going on a tour of Alcatraz as well as seeing the famous Sea Lions on Pier 39 but she was overwhelmed by how alive and atmospheric the city seemed.

Alice has also visited New York twice, the first time with family in October 2011 and again with friends in February 2012. On both occasions Alice visited many of the cities iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre. She also visited many art galleries and in October 2011 saw a Broadway production of The Book of Mormon, which is a satirical musical written by the creators of South Park.

Alice has also visited Orlando, Florida 3 times with family, the first in April 2004, the second in July 2007, she visited Orlando for the third time in April 2010. Each time Alice visited several theme parks including: Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando. Since her trip to SeaWorld in 2010 Alice has decided that she would not return to SeaWorld or a similar type of park as after watching the 2013 documentary Blackfish she believes it's cruel to keep large, wild animals in small enclosures for tourists entertainment. In Florida Alice has also fed and swum with Dolphins, been on a fan-boat ride in a swamp and visited water parks. During her trip in 2010 Alice couldn't fly home due to a volcanic ash cloud and so was stuck in Florida for an extra week as no planes were able to fly because of the foggy air.


Alice has visited several destinations in Europe such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and more. Alices Mother, Hazel Owers, is a big fan of the Walt Disney Company, particularly its theme parks. Alice also developed a fondness of Disney and she and her mother have visited Disneyland Paris over 10 times.

In July and August of 2011 Alice travelled around Europe with her family, visiting Italy, Germany and Switzerland. In Italy they went to Venice, Verona, Bellagio and Milan. Alice had never been to Italy before then, this was a sightseeing holiday on which Alice and her family visited many famous landmarks and sites such as Juliet's House and Balcony in Verona as well as the Verona Arena which is a Roman Amphitheater, built in the 1st Century which is still used today, and also St. Mark's Basilica which is an 11th Century Cathedral with ceilings coated in Gold.

In July 2014 Alice went to Magaluf in Spain with some of her friends from Moulsham Sixth Form. While in Magaluf Alice went to the world famous night club BCM which is Mallorcas biggest nightcljub, with a capacity of over 5000 people. When at BCM Alice saw Showtek, Subfocus, and Martin Garrix. When in Magaluf Alice also did water-sports such as Paragliding and banana-boating.


In April 2014 Alice went on a trip to India with her School, they visited Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. While there Alice visited the Taj Mahal and several other iconic landmarks. When in Delhi they visited the Kathputli Colony slum in New Delhi and saw the conditions that over 2800 families live in. Alice also got the chance to visit some of the schools in the Kathputli Colony and see what they're like in comparison to English schools. When in India Alice saw both the rich and poor sides of India and then did a photography project based on the wealth divide.

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