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About Anna Landi

Anna Landi is a 22-year-old individual who is currently studying her third year of BSc Media Production at De Montfort University, Leicester. Born in August 1992, Anna is the Fashion editor for Demon Media, the Comments editor for The University Paper Leicester and the Chairperson and editor-in-chief of Tea Break DMU. Prior to her University career, Anna attended sixth form at St Thomas More RC Upper School, Bedford, where she studied BTEC Music (Performing), BTEC Performing Arts, English Literature and Media Studies. Her love for Media helped her to choose the Media Production course, which has opened her eyes to the world of the publication industry and the fashion industry.

In the summer of 2014, Anna undertook 6 weeks of a fashion-related internship at London-based designer Roksanda Ilincic as a PR and Studio Assistant. This 6-week stint allowed Anna to really understand the passion she has for the fashion industry, and now hopes to pursue a career within the fashion industry in Photography, Technology or Journalism. She is an avid reader and collector of ELLE UK magazine, and from this, the overwhelming sense of Fashion Journalism has stemmed her dream career being within the headquarters of ELLE Magazine.

Anna's role in the Social Media Campaign

During the research and preperation process, Anna has been taking part in being a member of the events team, which is allowing her to understand what key parts go into creating an event such as this. Alongside Emily, Jess, Selina, Baljit and Rachael, Anna helps to come up with various small events that can run over the week with the other members collaboratively.

As well as this, they have decided various parts of the Production Planning wiki to edit successfully to ensure that, should anyone be interested in the campaign, any information a reader might need is available on there.

TECH3022 Social Media Production Research Plan

The initial stage of the Social Media campaign; Where/What/Who/Why

In what way do online discussion forums enable and facilitate conversations about processed food and alternative food models? This question will explore the meaning of forums when it comes to talking about food, specifically that which is processed or perhaps in the means of seeking alternatives to junk food. By doing this, research for the end plan can be gathered and the section of forums and how people communicate through them can be explored and included in the end result.

  • Where: Jamie Oliver Forum Site

English chef, Jamie Oliver, is known primarily for his easy recipes that are not only wholesome and comforting, but are quick to make and affordable to recreate. His forum site is an open platform allowing users to sign up and begin to share information with other members, whether it is regarding recipes, quick fixes, advice or inspiration. The site, which has recently celebrated ten years of being live, is easy and enjoyable to use.

  • What: Forum Observation

An observation of Jamie Oliver's Forum page was conducted to see how members of this community communicate with each other about food; processed, alternatives and a healthier option. This search was narrowed down by using keywords, which allowed specific feeds to appear, leading to the discovery of questions and conversations created and added to by people all over the world.

  • Who: Users and Feeds

Dependent on the topic of the feed, there was a noticeable pattern that some of the users who post regular feeds on the Jamie Oliver Forum page also continue to comment on other members' feeds. The initial observation began with a feed titled "I have cut sugar out of my diet for health reasons and I have taken a different philosophy. Mine is that I don't eat desserts, so I concentrate on really delicious savoury food and retrain my brain to stop thinking dessert is necessary!" Created by user jephall. This feed focused on sugar-free alternatives for those suffering with Diabetes, but others also applied their theories, ideas and pieces of advice on how to avoid sugar or find healthier ways to enjoy slightly sweet food. The second that was observed was based on alternatives to processed food. By using the key words processed food and alternatives, a feed appeared created by the user zbenjamin, titled Addicted to JunkFood. This feed, when opened up to Jamie Oliver forum community, allowed members to comment on what can be done to deter from junk food like crisps, chocolates and cakes. The conversation started by zbenjamin attracts others to share their personal habits, an interesting form of seeking advice and help by others by giving an insight into the lives of others. The third and final feed created by the user mummza discusses the idea of shopping for healthy foods. The thread, Do you do your main shopping online or in the store? allows users from around the world to share their experiences of buying fruits, vegetables and fresh meats in stores and online. This particular feed was more interesting during observation as there was a clear divide between British and American users who both prefer to do their shopping in different ways. While British users lean towards online shopping, American users prefer to see their shopping in front of them, allowing for a more trustworthy shopping experience.

  • Why Forums?

In an online setting, it can be hard to find a place where one can not only share thoughts about foods and start conversations with others, but to also seek advice in a comfortable setting. While there are other sites and forums such as and Chowhound that allow users to be a part of the online community surrounding food, there is an attraction to the Jamie Oliver forum site in particular as it is hand in hand with not only Jamie Oliver's food style, but also his ethics concerning food and how we talk about food. This seems like a traditional-meets-modern form of communication as forums have been around not long after the creation of the internet, but allow people to communicate about traditional lifestyle habits such as Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, and of course, Food.

Wiki Editing

Parts of the Production Planning Wiki that Anna has edited/created

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