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Apple is one of the biggest company's in the world and is based in California. That is where the company designs, develops and sells their products to the public.

Apple is best known for the Mac book, Ipod's, and Iphone's which are all sold worldwide along with they other products.


The company was founded by Steve Jobs back in 1976 as Apple Computer, Inc. the year after it was renamed to just Apple, Inc.. The very first product that was made was the Apple 1 which was considered to be one of the best on the market at that time but now no one would buy it as technology has progressed.

Apple has opened up thousands of stores worldwide selling only the products that apple make like iphones, ipads, ipods and Apple computers. In 2014 apple was valued at over 700 billion making it the first u.s company to be that much.



Macintosh is the line of "Apple"'s desktop computers and laptops. The first desktop Macintosh was released in January 1984 and since then many versions has been released with the latest one named iMac. "Apple"'s first laptop named "Macintosh Portable" was released in September 20, 1989 and since then many versions has been released with the latest 3 named "MacBook", "MacBook Air" and "MacBook Pro".


The first Iphone came out back in 2007 and has had 6 more versions of it come out as well as the Iphone s and c.


This was Apples first tablet that was first sold back in 2010 which is a similar design to the Iphone's but has alot more to it like their computers. Apple has released a number of Ipad's to this date and they are still more to come as they keep making them better and faster just like all they other products.


Ipod's first came about back in 2001 which was apples version of the mp3 player but better in many ways. It started off with just music but now you can watch video play games and much more on them showing that they have come along way from just a better version of an mp3 player.


Apple have come up with alot of software over the years but their main one would have to be the icloud and itunes which are needed to add stuff and store stuff to your'e Apple products.

Apple watch

Apple's first foray into wearable technology, to be launched on April 24th.