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Ashneet Sandhu (born August 1997) is currently a student a second year Communication Arts student at De Montfort University.

Ashneet Sandhu (2017)

Early Life

Born in the state of Maharashtra, India, Ashneet moved to Leicester in the late 90s with her parents. She has one younger sister. From a very young age, Ashneet started watching shows such as 'CSI'[1], 'NCIS'[2] and 'Law & Order'[3]. This had her determined that as an adult she would become a Police woman. This then changed to Detective and then again had a change of heart and became obsessed with the idea of being a Forensic Scientist. This however did not happen. As she grew older, she realised that in real life she did not like blood or death.

Ashneet grew up in a Punjabi household, a majority of whom were Bollywood fanatics. But it wasn't until she watched 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...' [4] that she too became hooked. She couldn't get enough of the family dynamics, the singing, the dancing, the drama and Shah Rukh Khan.[5] From there on, Ashneet made it an aim in life to watch all the movies the Bollywood actor had ever starred in. You can say that these TV shows and films were what started everything off for her. As she got older, she started to research more into the production side of these media forms as she wanted to know "how do they do what they do". She then went on to study Media Production at College and University.


After Primary and High school, Ashneet went to Beauchamp College to do her GCSE's. She came out with 9 GCSE's, all A* to C. She then decided to stay at the College and do her A Level's since that is what people expected her to do. However, after completing the first year and hating it, she decided that A Level's weren't for her. She contemplating dropping education as a whole, but then realised that she could just study Media Production which is what she liked. So this is what she did at Leicester College. After completing her two years there, she moved to Birmingham to study Media and Communications at Birmingham City University. However, due to circumstances she had to move back home to Leicester after completing just her first year. Due to this she changed University too. She is currently at De Montfort University who in her first year studied Media Production but then decided wasn't for her and is now enrolled on the Communication Arts course.


In Primary school Ashneet befriended a girl who played the Violin. After becoming fascinated, she managed to persuade her mum into letting her take lessons to learn how to play. She took lessons for a few years but eventually gave it up because she picked up other hobbies such as reading, photography and Badminton. Alongside this she still watches her beloved TV shows and films. And although she stopped playing music, she still frequently goes to gigs and concerts and is still an avid listener of most genres.

Blog Posts (Year Two - Communication Arts)

Her Blog -

Blog Post One

Period Poverty ( - Introduction blog post on the social issue of period poverty. Ashneet talks about her personal opinions and experiences. Includes: Images, Videos and Links.

Blog Post Two

What Are We Doing? ( - Information on the different organisations and charities dedicated to ending period poverty. Also describes what each individual can do to make a difference and help the cause. Includes: Videos, Images, Links and Social Media.

Blog Post Three

Menstrual Man ( - Blog post dedicated to Arunachalam Muruganantham. A male Indian who created affordable pad production machines for rural parts of India. Includes: Images, Videos and Links.

Blog Post Four

Girl on a Mission ( - Information on Amika George and her #Freeperiods campaign. Includes: Videos, Images and Links.

Blog Post Five

Reflective Video - ( Video summery of thoughts on the social issue of period poverty so far. Includes: Video.

Blog Posts (Year One - Media Production)

Her Blog -

Week one

The Birth! ( - A blog post in which Ashneet introduces herself. Includes: Images, Videos and Links.

Week two

'2am' ( - Describes how Giffgaff used social media in a creative way. Includes: Video, Image and Links.

Week three

Fangirl no more ( - Describes how she reacted to one of her social media posts. Includes: Links and Images.

Week four

Three creative individuals ( - Describes 3 people she follows on social media. Includes: Links, Images and Videos.

Group Project

Group project - Bombay Dreams

First post

Let's get it started ( - Introduces the project and she also explains how and why it was chosen. She also touches upon a few ideas on what the group project will entail. Includes: Images, Links and Videos.

Second post

My Place or Yours? ( - Talks about where the meetings will take place, the club rules and the ways in which to get access to films. Includes: Image and Links.

Third post

Do Bollywood clubs exist? ( - Explains how they carried out the research they did. Includes: Images, Links, Audio and Video.

Fourth post

Bombay Dreams ( - Explains the name, what social media sites will be used and what sort of content will be features. Includes: Links, Images and Videos.

Fifth post

Reflection Video ( - Video in which she explains what the project is and goes into a little more detail about what will happen in regards to content. Also talks about her group and the tech 1002 module. Includes: Video and Links.

Sixth post

The Important Questions ( - In which she answers some important Bollywood related questions. Includes: Videos, Links and Images.

Seventh post

The lists ( - Goes over the lists the group looked at related to Bollywood. Also briefly talks about the controversy surrounding the movie 'Padmaavat'. Includes: Videos, Images and Links.

Eighth post

Dil Chahta Hai ( - Reviews the film. Includes: Links, Images and Videos.

Ninth post

Dangal ( - Review of the film. Includes: Video, Links and Images.

Tenth Post

Lipstick Under My Burkha ( - Talks about the censorship of the film. Includes: Images, Videos and Links.

Eleventh post

Cocktail ( - Review of the film. Includes: Images, Links and Videos.

Twelfth post

Soundtracks ( - Talks about her favourite Bollywood soundtracks. Includes: Videos, Images and Links.

Thirteenth post

Sridevi ( - Post dedicated to Sridevi. Includes: Videos, Images and Links.

Fourteenth post

Veer - Zaara ( - Review of the film. Includes: Videos, Images and Links.

Fifteenth post

Final Reflection Video ( - Video summery of the ‘Bombay Dreams’ social group project. Includes: Video.

Social Media Links

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