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Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation, from the adobe systems, in which it features a multi-track, waveform editing view and non-destructive mix/edit environment.
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In 1990’s, syntrillium software was founded by Robert Ellison and David Johnston, who were both former Microsoft employees. Originally, Syntrillium as cool edit was distributed as cripple ware for windows. The version was flexible and useful for some time. Later it released Cool Edit Pro, where multiple tracks were added, and other features. Audio processing was done in a destructive manner and most computers were not powerful enough in terms of the processor, to perform non-destructive operations. Eventually, Cool Edit Pro V2, added support for non-destructive processing, and added support for unlimited simultaneous tracks and surround sound mixing. Cool Edit also included noise reduction and FFT equalization (plugins). In May 2003 for 16.5 million, adobe purchased Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium Software and then changed the name to ‘Adobe Audition’.