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Betul Kibaroglu is an Erasmus Exchange student, currently studying Media Production B.A. at Hochschule Furtwangen University. in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.
Her blog can be accessed [ here].


Betul Kibaroglu


Blog Posts

In a short Video, I have explained the OHA (Obesity Health Alliance). In today life Obesity is a very big problem of our society. This campaign is fighting against this issue. Click on the Link below and watch my Video for more information! [1]

Sugar in our breakfast

Muesli for breakfast - that sounds like a healthy start to the day. But the case is the opposite. Would you have thought that 100 grams of cereal contain as many calories as a bread with nut nougat cream?

In my blog posts about sugar in our breakfasts, I will describe various bloggers and social media accounts that deal with this problem and try to free people from sugar addiction to give them a healthy start to the day.

In this post, you will get to know [2]. Happy sugar habits is a website that supports people who want to stop or reduce sugar consumption. There are also great sugar-free recipes and a blog on the subject!

Also, you can check their social media accounts and get impressed! Pinterest: [3] Twitter: [4] Facebook: [5] Instagram: [6]

To read my blog post about happy sugar habits please visit -> [7]

Children's sugar consume debate

The debates about sugar on the internet are never-ending. Especially the consumption of sugar by children is a very serious topic that many parents discuss on different platforms. The article is again about sugar consumption for breakfast - but especially about that of children.

Humans react and discuss in various ways about the topic on the Internet. In my blog, you will confirm that too. While some parents are really worried about the health of their children, others are just kidding about the subject. Some argue and some discuss .. look at yourself what kind of comments I found about the topic. Here to the blog post: [8] Click here for the full article: [9].

Bodybuilder against sugar

The bodybuilding trend is not ending and more and more young people are taking extreme athletes as role models. There are a lot of YouTubers who explain how they've messed up their bodies and pass on tips to their viewers. This includes the diet, which is among the most important features of muscle building. In my new blog Post, you can see how teenagers react to the anti-sugar videos of their role models. Striking... -->

Smoothies- The new breakfast trend

Smoothies are the new breakfast trend, and more and more people are turning to them for declaring that it is sugar-free and healthy. Many YouTubers show smoothie recipes and pamper their viewers with it. But the beautiful colours are deceptive. -->