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Caitlin Harrington (born 31st August 1997). Currently studying Media Production at De Montfort University, Leicester. Originally from small town called Sandbach in Cheshire.

Caitlin studied Media Studies, English Language and Photography in her A-Levels, which she then went on to follow her aspirations of studying Media Production. Caitlin has always had a keen interest in participating in sporting activities such as gymnastics from a very young age. Gymnastics has been a part of Caitlin's life since she was 4, and has achieved many goals whilst participating.

Currently, Caitlin lives in Leicester attending DMU.

Year 1 TECH1002

Blog Posts

Posts from Caitlin's Tech1002 Social Media and Technology Blog.

  • October 29, 2015 - Introduction to my Blog!
    • This is a short introduction to Caitlin's Social Media & Technology Blog.
  • November 7, 2015 - Social Media Sites
    • This post is a brief look at some of the main social media sites used by in today's society.
  • November 7, 2015 - How do we view fashion through social media?
    • Within this blog I look into depth at two social media sites; Instagram and Pinterest and see how they portray fashion to viewers.
  • November 10, 2015 - Twitter
    • Caitlin looks into the social media app Twitter in relation to the portrayal of fashion.
  • November 16, 2015 - YouTube
    • Caitlin looks more into social media site YouTube.
  • November 24, 2015 - Facebook
    • This post explore the use of Facebook in relation to fashion.
  • December 2, 2015 - Paper Li
    • Caitlin looks more into Paper Li.
  • December 6, 2015 - London Fashion Week
    • Caitlin has a explores how BBC iPlayer portrays fashion through documentaries.

Group Project

  • January 3 2016 - Blog 1
    • In this post Caitlin goes more into detail about the chosen group topic.
  • January 10 2016 - Blog 2
    • Setting up an Instagram account.
  • January 17 2016 - Blog 3
    • Discussions and working on the Wiki page.
  • January 24 2016 - Blog 4
    • First group outing to Leicester.
  • January 31 2016 - Blog 5
    • More information on the Instagram page.
  • February 3 2016 - Blog 6
    • Research into Nottingham vintage shops.
  • February 16 2016 - Blog 7
    • Group trip to Nottingham!.
  • February 17 2016 - Blog 8
    • Vintage clothing sold through online websites!.
  • February 18 2016 - Blog 9
    • Looking at branded Vs charity clothes shops!
  • February 20 2016 - Blog 10
    • Group discussion on the next trip to take.
  • February 25 2016 - Blog 11
    • The final visit/outing to Nottingham!
  • March 3 2016 - Blog 12
    • Final blog post.

YouTube Video Above is a short video presentation, on what I have personally improved and developed on in this module, and the content that I have posted on my blog site and wiki page.

Year 3 TECH3022

Blog Posts

Caitlin Harrington's Blog - ''

Assessment 1: Component A - Survey of Anti-Sugar Campaigns

Blog Post: Above is a link to my blog post I have created for the first piece of coursework. Involved in the blog post is a short video containing information on the sugar campaign 'Against the Sugar Tax'.

Research Into Convenience Foods Blog Post: The blog post above is a small insight into convenience foods and what they are. It also gives information about what is actually in processed foods and what us as consumers are consuming and what we didn't know we were consuming.

Assessment 2: Component B - Social Media Project Investigation

Blog 1: Caitlin starts to explore what convenience foods are and looks more into depth on Subway and what kind of bad substances are in Subway's in order for them to stay fresh.

Blog 2: Caitlin looks specifically at Newspaper articles and YouTube videos that people have written and videos they have taken in order to express and share their views on Subway.

Blog 3: Caitlin looks at other platforms of media; Podcasts and chat rooms. Within both media platforms we see member of the public again express their opinions and views on the topic of Subway. Caitlin looks into the debates and compares thoughts and ideas.

Blog 4: Caitlin interviews a Subway lover to see what some of her views are on Subway and wether or not her views and opinions change after she reads a few of Caitlin's previous blog posts about the bad substances found within subs and sub salads.

Blog 5: Caitlin summarises what she has learnt from this assessment in a short video. She talks about what she has found out about Subway and also reflects on the interviews she has held about her chosen topic of convenience foods.

Assessment 3: Component C - Social Media Group Project

Blog 1: Within this first blog post, Caitlin introduces what the groups campaign is and talks about some of the groups aims and objectives in order for this to run as smooth as possible.

Blog 2: In blog post 2, Caitlin summarises the different social media sites which will be used throughout this campaign. The sites being used will be Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - each contains posts of articles, facts and figures and memes.

Blog 3: Within this post Caitlin gives an update on what has been posted so far and also shares some research she has found about hidden sugars. Caitlin also shares a video she found on YouTube about the hidden sugars in our foods.

Blog 4: Caitlin talks about what a meme is, shares some of her favourite memes, some memes she has created and asks her friends their opinions on memes and what attracts them to them.

Blog 5: Caitlin explores and expands her research on hidden sugars using different platforms of media. You can find podcasts, videos and memes throughout this post.

Blog 6: Caitlin has produced a small quiz in which she shared with her audiences for them to take part and give their reactions to some of the questions and answers.

Blog 7: In this blog post Caitlin creates a short experimental video which she shares with her audiences in order to see their reactions to what we see within the video.

Blog 8: Caitlin, Rumaysah, Chloe and James discuss and share their thoughts on what they have found out, how well we are working as a group and if our campaign is becoming successful.

Blog 9: Within this blog post, Caitlin gives a review on her involvement in the campaign, by using screenshots and videos as evidence.

Blog 10: Caitlin has filmed a short reflective video about what she has learnt and found out and how well the campaign worked overall.