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Our Group

Temitope Oguntade

Chinique Oriogun-Kellman

Samuel Acquah

Godwin Dacosta


We as a group have decided to create a card game society in which we meet up once a week to play and learn various amounts of card games. For example Blackjack, Snap, Poker, Speed etc. Currently, there are places like Casinos that you can got to play card games however, you can also play in your house, social events, betting etc. In order to get started, you need a set of cards. Depending on the game you would like to play will determine the rules of the game. Each individual game has its own instruction that needs to be followed by the participant in order for the game to be successful.

Examples of card nights

IMG 1720-300x300.jpg IMG 1723-300x300.jpg 2687.jpg 2567.jpg IMG 1724-300x300.jpg IMG 1725-300x300.jpg 2745.jpg 1892.jpg

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