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Chiara Dianna Pax Romana and is known as Chooch by her best friend. Is the daughter to Marci and Daniel. Chiara has an older half sister from her father’s side. Chiara plays 3 instruments (drum, ukulele, guitar) and is able to play a number of songs on the violin from learning it at a young age but continuing. A devoted Linkin Park fan, she never leaves the house without her first piece of merchandise, a Linkin Park bracelet.

Life and Early years

Being raised by her mother (Marcia) an ex music teacher in Leicester, north Evington. From a young age Chiara began to gain a strong relationship with music influenced by her mother and began learning how to play the violin and guitar. Through out her child hood she was introduced to a number musical instruments. This sparked an interest in different genres of music. Her inability to read music didn’t stop her and is currently being taught how to play the bass by her close friend. Although not a fan of singing, Chiara was part of a youth choir for a number of years from a young age and travelled around the country with them. This included preforming at weddings, community functions and competitions. Other than her interest in music Pax spent a number of years dancing and took part in competitions. Originally she was part of her primary school dance team and was later scouted by a dance team and joined them. That dance troupe was called “urban movements”. Aside from dance pax had a passion fro sports and was very active, earning herself the title of longest through in javelin in her school at the age of 15. Pax was a keen runner and trampolinest.


Chiara began to study music at secondary school level unfortunately there wasn’t an option of studying music at GCSE level. Still sticking to the creative path Chiara studied drama and achieved a high final grade. When leaving school Chiara didn’t want to continue drama and decided to study Preforming Musicianship at Leicester college. From studying music at a college level Chiara began to feel pressured and wanted music to be a passion and and hobby rather than a doing it from an educational point of view. Having displayed a creative mind a suggestion came along that media would be a good subject for her to study while keeping music as a hobby. She later enrolled to study Creative Media. Chiara did extremely well in her assignments and began continued to study media for a number of years. Present day she is an undergraduate at de monfort university Leicester (her home town)


Chiara love travelling and spends most her time between the cities of Leicester, London and Birmingham. Her dream is to spend a 6 months travelling all around Europe. Her favourite destinations to date are Spain, Jamaica, Dubai and the Netherlands. Aside from travelling Chiara has a deep passion fro music and is able to go days without speaking to anyone but just focusing on playing and listen to music. She describes days like those “a blessing in disguise”. Having had difficulties with making friends and being bullied for a number of years Chiara has become dependant on music. Her other hobbies include baking, cycling and outdoor activities. This year she visited the Eden project in Torquay and did zip-lining, the big swing and the drop. She is currently learning Spanish and hopes to reside in Spain in the future.

Community media

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