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Chloe Yasmin Behbahani from Bedfordshire (born on the 27th of February 1997). Chloe is from a multicultural background of Persian, Irish and English. She has an interest in kickboxing which she has trained in for 3 years.

2015 Chloe is currently studying Media Productions BSc at De Montfort University. In order to get here she has studied Media at GCSE with the result of an A grade. Next studying Television and Film triple BTEC at ALevel with the result of DMM (Distinction Merit Merit). Throughout Sixth form she participated in working backstage for her school fashion show hosted by Sharnbrook Upper School. Through her time at Sharnbrook Upper School she also got the opportunity to make a corporate and promotional video which she chose to produce for "Greensleeves Homes Trust" in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.

Chloe has taken part in radio and television experience outside of education. This experience consists of working beside a freelance camera man filming the Osbourne families interview on their new make-up collection at MAC cosmetics, Covent Garden. This was a multi-camera shoot with lighting and sound which was filmed for "Weekend Sunrise on Seven", an Australian TV breakfast show. As part of this experience Chloe Behbahani visited the Pacific Television Centre near Tower Bridge (PAC TV) from where lines are provided to broadcasters all over the world. Next assisting the freelance cameraman filming Peterborough V Stevenage for "Goals Express on Sky Sports News". Also learning about SNG truck (satellite news gathering). She gained work experience in radio too, this being for her local radio station for Bedfordshire "In2Beats" to receive more of an insight into how radio works in comparison to television and film. Although Chloe mainly focussed her work experience on her interest in media she also gained a lot of work experience elsewhere such as working as a part time Admin clerk for the NHS. Lastly she took part in the National Citizens Service (NCS) where she raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

2017 Chloe found a passion in teaching which she then began to shape her final year of education to fit this career path through the use of her technology project.

Links This link will take you to a group project wikipedia page based on makeup reviews and information. This page is created by four girls at De Montfort University including Chloe herself. The aim of this page is to interact, entertain, inform and involve people through the use of social media on the subject of makeup. The link here is a personal blogging page created by Chloe Behbahani of her journey through university. Individual blogs are separated below based on topic. This is the link to Chloe's self created food page on Instagram used for primary research Link to supported research carried out This link will take you to the group campaign "SugarThings" Wiki page

Links used in blogs (Anti-Sugar)

Blogs 2015-2016

Interest in the Media Industry

This blog demonstrates the lack of plan for the future and enjoying university.

Media Manipulation

This blog consists of information and opinions of how the media is affecting people in concerning ways.

Good Old Days

This blog discusses how music has developed over the years right back from instruments found in tombs all the way to the technology used today. The blog also covers in what way music is social.

Me and the media

Here is information on Chloe Coombs and how her life is benefitted by the media such as what media she has used to achieve certain things.

Media on the Move

Media on the move covers how media has increased/developed over time. comparing old media to the media today. This blog also gives a deeper insight into the Media Production course.

Gain and Obtain

Here discusses how the media is influencing or benefiting other companies, ensuring businesses take advantage of all they can from the media to help themselves achieve as a company.

Group Project

Explaining what is about to happen on the media course, the first blog to start the journey of the new task.


This blog tells the readers the process so far and what has already been learnt this early on in the project.

Foundation Review

This blog runs along side the group makeup project, with a review of the products Chloe uses as foundation.

Team Building

This blog explains the group work and bonding behind the task set.

Keep Them Fleeky

This is a review of Chloes eye brow routine, a review for the "Crimbeauty" project.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is a makeup review!


This blog explains the recent growth in CRIMBEAUTY (group project) demonstrating what has been done and what has been achieved.

Lipstick Review

This is Chloes personal daily lip routine, this is for the CRIMBEAUTY makeup page.

Beauty Hacks

This blog demonstrates the cheats in makeup and easier ways of applying it, also providing tips for your everyday routines.

Coming Together

This blog sums up the group tasks and includes feedback which was received.

Blogs 2017-2018


Within this blog i have researched into the "Action on Sugar" campaign to understand what it is they do and to gain knowledge and understanding around the topic of sugar. This blog includes a video blog of me expressing what i have learnt and how i have taken it. The journey of my first steps into understanding sugar begins here.

Who's to Blame

The start of my journey researching into childhood obesity, finding out who is holding the blame for this. Visiting platforms and forums to get an idea of the social interaction used online. Reflecting my opinion on what I find with screenshots used throughout.

Parenting, Society or Social Media?

This blog uses a range of media. Focussing on restaurants and children's menus and the issues surrounding this topic. Speaking to a range of parents to gather their opinions on feeding their child, in terms of what support they have and what may be lacking. Breaking down these responses into personal and social issues through the use of a table. A podcast discussion as also been added into this blog for a different approach towards the topic of who is to blame.


Discussing supermarkets, the importance of taking your child with you. Reflecting on the impact it can have with the use of links to further articles, images and Gifs and memes. The lack of children you see in a super market but the negative effect this could be having.

In Your Face!

The influence of social media on young peoples minds in terms of diet. Focussing on the increase in food photography and how Instagram has taken off with this craze. This blog uses many links to further articles, a link to a comic youtube video on the topic, a meme and screenshots included. Looking at the statistics of hashtags, the response to my self created food page for the use of primary research. Understanding the impact of in person interaction.


Here is a Vlog created summarising the research found throughout component B, looking at what was found and which of the most important infomation stood out most. Put across in the form of a video blog to engage and bring forward interaction.

Hidden Sugar

This blog introduces a group campaign on hidden sugar at the starting point, where the idea came from and how we are taking it forward.

The woofs and the meows

Within this blog the social media platforms have begun and the pages show early signs of what gets the publics attention in comparison to what doesn't. Reflecting upon this and setting plans for what to look into next! Including links to our social media pages as well as screenshots of the more successful cat and dog memes posted by Chloe Behbahani.

In the making

This blog focusses on the creation of memes, how decisions are made and how the posts are created. With the use of time-lapse videos demonstrating the process as well as a screen recording of all the options of apps to download.

What you may not know

This blog involves some of the research undertaken. Visiting articles, gathering information, looking at shocking facts and statements. Discovering the scary truth about sugar!

Progress update

An update of what is working and what isn't, including what plans are yet to follow. What problems are being faced in the process.

Are campaigns targeting the right people

How can you influence young people, are campaigns using the correct platforms and methods or is this where the error lays. Discovering a new approach could lead to more success.


This blog includes a vox audio discussion between Four members of the group on the project overall, this discussion has also been summarised in the blog.

What's gone into it

This blog covers what has gone into the project, from research to social media posts. Using screengrabs of some examples of the work which has been individually put into the campaign.

Quiz time!

This blog has a video attached created by three members of the SugarThings team, asking the public to guess the content of sugar between two given foods! Have a watch and see how many you got right.

Project Overview

This summarises the sugar things campaign, through the use of a reflective video (vlog) and a written blog it covers the overall challenges and successes of the project.