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About Christos Tsartsalis

Christos Tsartsalis is a final year BSc Media Production student at De Montfort University in Leicester and was born on December 20th 1994. He was born and raised in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, but now currently lives in Leicester, UK for university. He has studied Computer Science in high school and chose DMU's media program for further studies. Leaving Cyprus first seemed the hardest thing he could ever do, but a while later he realized it was the best thing he could have ever done. Now he never wants to return to Cyprus, ever again and instead wants to live in the UK and work. Or maybe go to Italy if he ever starts learning how to speak Italian. He has A levels in the English language and Computers. He can speak both English and Greek. The modules he is following are Advanced Imaging Technology, Advanced Television Production and Advanced Social Media Production. This link leads to their blog.

Research Plan: Summary

Research plan:

What Christos will be looking at is 'How do Cypriot people in the UK make sense of their food routines and choices at Christmas and how is this demonstrated in different daily routines'.

Where Christos will be doing his research is at his own flat; he kept a food diary from the 22nd of December until the 26th of December documenting what he was eating during the 'Festive season'. He also documented his brother's daily food choices, another Cypriot who lives together with Christos but is back at their home in Cyprus for the holidays.

When: From the 22nd of December until the 26th.

Who: Himself and his brother.

How: Christos was documenting his daily food choices and the specific Christmas day 'lunch' and of his brother's... The point is to compare of how two people from the same country (brothers as well) feast differently compared in the country they are in at that specific period.

Research Plan: Introduction

For this module, each of us had to undertake a specific research plan for the module’s research/campaign. The kind of topic that I chose was ‘How do Cypriot people in the UK make sense of their food routines and choices at Christmas and how is this demonstrated in different daily routines?’ This research had to cover things like:

• When they are busy, they choose more convenient methods of eating; like fast food restaurants, microwaveable meals, coffee shops etc.

• When they are short on money, they choose cheaper methods of buying food rather than going to the supermarket and end up spending over their budget for food for the week.

• During holidays like Christmas, people always tend to gain a few pounds because they meet with the family, they have family meals and they end up eating more food and more fattening foods than they would normally eat any other time of the year.

To make this research, I documented mine and my brother’s daily food choices for a week in a food diary and compared them one to another. The reason why I chose myself and my brother is because my brother went back home to Cyprus for the holidays and I stayed in Leicester for this year. The full research will be in the next post.

You can find this post on the individual's blog. Link to the post.

My Research Plan

You can find the full research plan on the individual's blog.

Christos's contributions to the project

Christos, along with Farah Gangat and Cindy Wellings were a part of the 'Social Media' group. Each individual was in charge of a specific social media platform. Christos was in charge of the Facebook page called No Quarter Given, and updated the page regularly with healthy eating tips, healthy living documentaries and easy but healthy recipes for a healthier lifestyle. Cindy Wellings was in charge of the Pinterest and Twitter pages, and Farah Gangat was in charge of the Instagram page for the campaign.

From left to right: Cindy Wellings, Christos Tsartsalis, Farah Gangat.


Campaign Week

On the first day of the Campaign week which was on the 16th of March 2015, a stand with healthy foods such as granola cereal, fruit and fruit yogurts was placed outside the DSU's steps on DMU's campus. Christos along with Anna Landi, Emily McLernon, Baljit Rupra, Jessica Lail and Selina Sandhu. The group was handing these products out for free to promote healthy livings to students, and how it was cheap and easy to make. A lot of individuals; not only students, but staff as well stopped at their stand to take some of their products. Some students from radio or Journalism courses also stopped at their stand to ask a few questions or hand them questionnaires on why and how they were doing this. The 'spokesperson' of that group was Anna Landi. Something that the group had noticed is that by not having a sign that said that the products that the group was giving out was free, a lot of people did not want to approach them, so that would put people off. The group actually had to shout to people that their products are free, and a lot of the individuals that came asked the group if they wanted any money from them. Apart from the healthy eating stand, there was a lecture on 'low-carb awareness' that took place in the Queens Building on March 20th, starring Rob Watson.


Christos's Contributions to the Wiki and module

• Updated info about Facebook page

• Updated info about Instagram page

• Updated his own page

• Updated the Facebook page

• Helped spread the word about the campaign through Facebook


In conclusion, this campaigned helped to offer an insight on how cheap healthy food can be for students. Students mostly rely on 'cheap' and 'easy' food such as fatty snacks (crisps, take away, chocolates, cakes etc) but in reality, by taking 10 pounds to the Leicester Market, you can leave with a ton of bags filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. Healthy eating can be as quick and easy as fatty snacks, but it is definitely more healthy. Click here for this person's video conclusion to the module.