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The Community Media Cafe is ran by Benjamin Cree, Sam Jones, Lau Wai Kei Rosamond and Alexander Obi with supervision of John Coster.

Social Media Platforms





Clyp - used for reuploads of audio conversations in the cafe.

Ben Cree


The community media cafe is a project that helps members of the public, to use new technologies to create media content. The content can be published and archived for historical and educational purposes.

Blog posts

Week one:

Week two:

Week three:

Week four:

Week five:

Week six:

Week seven:

Week eight:

Week nine:

Week ten:

Content produced

  • Created the Twitter for the project which can be found here.
    Ben's Cafe logo used on social media
  • Posting on Twitter with updates and pictures. Ben notes what he tweets in each of his blog entries.
    Banner of the cafe that is used on social media.
  • Created a logo for the cafe.
  • Took photos (located in blog post two onwards).
  • Uploaded audio discussions to Soundcloud (written in blog post two onwards).
  • Created the banner for the cafe.
  • Re-uploaded past audio discussions on to Clyp (explained in week 5's blog).

Instructions and essential information

  • Bring tech equipment like a smartphone or recorder to record every session.
  • Don't set an agenda for any week, just improvise.
  • Assist others who need help with technology or social media.
  • Set it in a cafe since it is a informal, relaxing setting.
  • Advertise the media cafe through social media and word-of-mouth.
  • There is no concrete goal every week. As long as it helped someone out in any form or way, it is a success.

Sam Jones


The Community Media Café is support network to help people communicate with one another, openly discussing issues important to them, then using media to report on these issues in their communities.

Blog Posts

Content Produced

  • Created the Facebook page which can be found here
  • Created an event for the first 'Community Media Cafe - 1'
  • Uploaded 3 photos from the first Community Media Cafe to the Facebook Group [1]
  • Created a new event for the Community Media Cafe - 2 on the 25th January [2]
  • Updated the Facebook Cover Photo [3]
  • Added 4 more photos to the Facebook page, to try and show its a space for sharing [4]
  • Recorded and edited the interview with the DMU Hong Kong Society [5]
  • Added the interview to Sound Cloud and Shared it to the Facebook and Twitter pages [6]
  • Added the first 3 pictures to the Instagram page, so that there is content on there. [7]
  • Streamed some of the Cafe via Facebook Live [8]
  • Added a post to both the Facebook and Twitter letting everyone know how fun the cafe was [9] [10]
  • Added 3 new photos to Instagram [11]
  • Shared the photos from Instagram to Twitter [12]
  • Added 2 new posts to Facebook promoting poverty action week and wear a funk scarf day [13]
  • Created a Facebook event for the 3rd Cafe on the 1st February [14]
  • Added posts to Twitter and Facebook publicising the Zinthiya Trust who are coming to the next Cafe [15]
  • Added 5 New posts to Facebook
  • Went Live on Facebook for the duration of the cafe
  • Added a new photo to Instagram
  • Recorded and added a video to Youtube.
  • Added 5 new posts to Twitter
  • Created another Event for the week
  • 2 new Instagram Pictures
  • 7 Facebook Posts
  • 7 Twitter Posts.
  • 1 Instagram Picture
  • 11 Facebook Posts
  • 8 Twitter Posts
  • 6 Facebook Posts
  • 6 Twitter Posts


Alex Obi

Arsalaan Khan


Community media Cafe allows technological enhancement and awareness in your daily lives through these social gatherings. Street to Screen will bring a musical element in the socialising =D

Blog posts

Year2 Assignment 1 Community media cafe's

[16] Research

[17] Marketing strategies

Assignment Two

[18] [Week 7 - blog - Street to Screen - what is it?]

[19] Week 8 - blog - research - street performers across the UK / 1 other country

[20] Week 9 - blog - what are you going to do?

[21] Week 10 - blog next week - what do you need?

[22] Week 11 - 3 min reflective video

[23] week 11 - 3 min reflective video (updated)

Content Produced

[24] week 11 - 3 min reflective video

Atanas Doykov


Community media cafés empower community members to create their own media and report their own events with a newly found confidence in using creative technologies as they have obtained the necessary skills to participate in such an endeavour.

Blog posts

  • Blog 1 - Community media cafés: an Insight. This blog post looks into two Community media cafés: the Leicester media café and the media cafés run by Dr Jennifer M Jones. It also presents a brief overview of some of the benefits of running a community media café and the effects it has on people who attend it.
    • DIY-blog link to my old blog with the same post as a backup.
  • Blog 2 - Community media cafés video is an overview of the research I've done about the media cafés.
  • Blog 3 - Water scarcity - a global issue. As the human population grows so is the water consumption. This is a blog post that goes into one of the issues I would like to cover over the duration of the Community media café.
  • Blog 4 - Floods - a wet killer dressed in blue. This is a blog about the second topic I will try to cover over the duration of the Community Media Café.
  • Blog 5 - The Drainage - raising public awareness: How to raise public awareness, regarding the two issues I have covered in my previous blogs, by the use of social media.
  • Blog 6 - What's it like running a Community Media Café. A fun to read article that, based on the research I've done for running a media café, presents a day behind the scenes.
  • Blog 7 - Our Community Media Café - summary - What I would like to cover, the way I want to present it, and a short reflective video.

Component C

Documenting the Community Media Cafés


Rebecca Hardy


Community Media Cafés offer a chance to socialise with other people from your community and swap stories, advice and knowledge. Community Media Cafés offer opportunities for voices to be heard from people who may otherwise go underrepresented in mainstream media. Community Media Cafés can offer the chance to learn and share skills and projects with each other, for example, if a Community Media Café decided to start a new Community Radio Station the people who contributed would learn new radio skills and share the experience together. The chance to participate in Community Media Cafés can also be positive for personal improvement and can help to build self-confidence in members that join in with Community Media activities.

Blog Posts

The Green Place, Sileby.

Survey of Community Media Cafés - The Green Place
1. The Green Place
This blog post contains research of the Community Café The Green Place in Sileby, Leicestershire. It explores what The Green Place offers and some of the social issues that are important to this particular Community Café. Includes embedded video presentation.

Riaz Adam


Bringing the Community closer..

Blog Posts

  • Blog 1 - Red Cafe - Blog post about my research on the Manchester United Red Cafe [25]
  • 3-5 minute video - [26]

Content Produced

Ayanna Nembhard-Brown


Community media cafes give people a platform to be heard.

Blog posts

Dr Jennifer M Jones -

Chiara Pax-Romana


Community media cafes give people a chance to socialise and participate in activities with others.

Blog posts

Fabio Mendes


Community media cafes are a good way the help people in the local community start creating their own media and gives the a platform to have their voice heard. It also creates an environment in which local people can get together and socialise.

Blog posts

Content produced

Joshua Watkins


A Community Media Cafe

Blog Posts

Kellie Warren


Blog Posts

Samson Ajayi

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