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Daniel Jurado is a Spanish Erasmus student who is in the last year of Computer Science studies. This profile is made to show up the work of Advance Social Media Production module.

Advanced Social Media Production Research

The research is made to show people's opinions on different areas of vegetarianism/veganism.

Post 0 - Introduction[1]

Post 1 - Vegetarianism/Veganism: yes or no over the net[2]

Post 2 - Why did people did the change? (Survey)[3]

Post 3 - Vegetarianism and Sports[4]

Post 4 - Vegan Recipe Blogs[5]

Advanced Social Media Production Project

A campaign to create awareness and fight against the sugar problem has been made with a group of working parents to empower them to change their daily diet by cooking healthy alternatives and go away from the already prepared food at supermarkets and fast food restaurants.

Post 1 - Introduction[6]

Post 2 - Brainstorming[7]

Post 3 - Planification[8]

Post 4 - Social Networks[9]

Post 5 - Initial Survey[10]

Post 6 - Articles Awareness[11]

Post 7 - Quiz Game[12]

Post 8 - Cooking Alternatives[13]

Post 9 - Final Survey[14]

Post 10 - Conclusion[15]