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Dominika Pluta was born in south-east Poland. She is an undergraduate studying Communication Arts at De Monfort University, Leicester.

Early Life

From her early age, Dominika was involved in helping her grandparents on their farm. She spent most of her summer holidays there. She enjoyed spending her time in nature and amongst animals. People on the farm were working collaboratively. These experiences on the farm would later develop into a lifelong interest in sustainable development.

Past experience

From the age of 20, Dominika was travelling to different countries around Europe, in Asia and in Africa, where she was a volunteer and worked in communities for sustainable development. She was working as a volunteer with people with learning disabilities in Poland as well as working as a carer in Poland and in England.

Eco farm in Jaipur


Dominika is currently a trustee for the charity Prasadam and is working with an allotment community in Leicester.


My community blog

Year 1

Assignment 1

Blog 1 - A critical analysis - This blog is a critical analysis of two articles.

Blog 2 - My reflection on homelessness - Is my reflection about homelessness.

Blog 3 - Sexual assault - This blog covers sexual assault issue.

Blog 4 - People's reaction to sexual assault - The reaction of people to sexual harassment.

Blog 5 - Malala Yousafza - This blog is about an activist Malala Yousafza.

Assignment 2 - Group Project

Group project about homelessness

Blog 1 - The Homeless Film Festival - This blog is about The Homeless Film Festival 2017 which was screened at the Documentary Media Centre. It presents two documentaries about homelessness.

Blog 2 - DMU Young Liberals - This blog is about the Young Liberals society which was collecting donations at the De Monfort University.

Blog 3 - Saray Mangal - This blog is about an initiative of the owner of the Saray Mangal restaurant, who offers free meal this Christmas for the homeless and elderly.

Blog 4 - The Bridge Charity - This blog is about The Bridge charity, which offers support to the homeless people.

Blog 5 - Reflective video - My reflective video about Introduction to Community Media module.

Assignment 3

Blog 1 - Fronteira da Grandeza - This blog post is about a documentary 'Fronteira da Grandeza' by Dodge Billingsley, a writer, cinematographer & director, Combat Films & Research and Cory Leonard, assistant director. It tells the storied history of Brazil’s national expansion and current efforts to secure its borders.

Blog 2 - Mark Craig - A blog post about a director Mark Craig and his an award-winning film 'The Last Man on the Moon'.

Blog 3 - Living in tents in the city - This blog is about homeless people living in the tents in the city, in Leicester.

Blog 4 - A security officer - A story about John Greensmith, who is a security officer at the Highcross in Leicester. He shares his views about homelessness and how he tries to help the homeless people in Leicester.

Blog 5 - Community Media Cafe - This blog post represents Community Media Cafe, a project led by students at De Montfort University. It shows a conversation with the members as well people from the city council.

Blog 6 - The Big Issue - Blog post about 'The Big Issue', which is a street newspaper sold by homeless people or people at risk of homelessness. It is a story also about a homeless man in Leicester, who sells 'The Big Issue'.

Blog 7 - Grandmas for Peace - A blog post about a project against UK airstrikes on Syria and peace in the world. It represents also 'The Art of Protest' by Anna Cheetham.

Blog 8 - Mental Health Day - This blog is about Mental Health Day, which took place on 7th March at DMU.

Blog 9 - International Women's Day - A blog post about International Women's Day with poetry by Anna Cheetham and a talk by Abeda Sakha on the experiences of women in Afghanistan and Afghan women in Leicester.

Blog 10 - Reflective vlog 2 - My second reflective video about Community Media module.

Year 2

Component A

Highcross Leicester

Blog 1 - Feeding the 5000 - The Feeding 5000 was a one day event organised by Lions International. The idea was to promote sustainability and educate the public on the problem of food waste. Leicester was the first place the event was launched.

Blog 2 - Zero Waste Movement - This blog is about zero waste movement.

Component B

Blog 1 - World Poverty - This blog is focused on world poverty, which is a big problem. Poverty is the UN’s first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG1).

Blog 2 - Purple Tuesday - This blog is about Purple Tuesday and how important is inclusive shopping.

Blog 3 - Reflexive Video - This is my reflexive video about topics I chose for my blogs.

Component C - Community Media Café

Blog 1 - Graff HQ - A blog about a street art project and grassroots community.

Blog 2 - Prana Cafe - A blog about Prana Cafe, a vegan cafe as well chat with community media cafe attendees Joan, Mark and Cat from 'Time to change' campaign.

Blog 3 - John Lewis Cafe - A blog about projects for the community.

Blog 4 - Doc Media Centre - This blog represents Doc Media Centre, which is a place where are used different form of media: photography, documentary film, audio new media to highlight global issues.

Reflexive video [1] - Reflections about Community Media Café.

Social Media