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Eatyourkimchi is a production company based in South Korea that publishes videos featuring the two creators, Simon and Martina Stawski.They are known for their videos which compare the differences in Korean and Western culture. The YouTube channel featuring their videos is the 18th most popular in Korea and the YouTube portion of their videos accumulated more than 194 million views as of May 31, 2014 on four separate channels.

Eatyourkimchi Logo
Martina & Simon filming at EYK studios

YouTube Content

They have regularly scheduled segments:

Mondays: Kpop Music Mondays- Reviews of K-Pop music videos

Wednesdays: TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) - Fan questions about living in Korea, Korean culture and society and their personal lives answered by the Stawskis

Thursdays: WANK (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea) - Showing popular places to hang out as well as road trips or FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program For Awesome People) - Eating out in Korean restaurants, food delivery services, cooking Korean dishes and convenience store items

Fridays: Livechat - Chatting with fans, opening of care packages

Saturday: WTF (Wonderful Treasure Find) - unusual products and devices from all over the world, an Open The Happy video - Korea unrelated videos such as movie reviews, make-up tutorials and montages of their pets or DICKS (Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang) - a segment hosted by employees SooZee and Leigh about Korean and North American slang words

Sundays: K Crunch Indie - Introducing Korean indie music

Eatyourkimchi videos are distributed online through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube.and Kondoot As of March 20, 214, their YouTube channel has 1,218,009 subscriber . Meanwhile their website, which also hosts videos, receives more than 750,000 hits a month from more than 100,000 unique viewers.

Reception and Audience

The Korea Herald included Eatyourkimchi in a list of 21 of "the nation’s most useful websites" and at it was voted the best expat blog in Korea. Their worldwide audience consists of: the biggest ones are in Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore and South Korea.

Eatyourkimchi Website

Eatyourkimchi YouTube channels - Main content - Behind the scenes footages - Further miscellaneous content