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Electronic gaming involves interactivity with a player and a digital platform, with videogames being the most popular form today. Other examples can include simple handheld games, arcade machines (including pinball machines and slots), and audio-only games. The social media project, Gaming_Lulz, was established to explore this area and demonstrate how social media can be used to share knowledge and encourage participation.

Introduction/Compilation Video - https://www.youtube.com/embed/WYQXsYepaQE

Gaming_Lulz Logo


The purpose of Gaming_Lulz is to bring gaming back into the real world so that people can enjoy playing games together, the old fashioned way. Online gaming has taken over and people rarely meet up with their friends to play video games in person, instead they play games online and chat to each other through their headsets. This is just not the same as gathering with friends and playing a split-screen game like people used to do before. The Gaming_Lulz electronic gaming group aim to recapture the fun of playing games with friends in real life.

Gaming Lulz inspiration


Gaming_Lulz took inspiration from many different video game groups and events including De Montfort video gaming society. This is because the DMU video gaming society was run by similar people in the same area who are trying to achieve the same goal. The Gaming_Lulz team never saw them as competitors and often attempted to collaborate with them by inviting their group members to attend their competitions and gaming events.

Gaming_Lulz also took inspiration from such gaming events as E3 and UK Games Expo as an effective way of bringing gaming into the real world due of their huge success. They have done this in multiple ways by providing their audience with exciting games and game related content that they are interested in. Gaming_Lulz has tried to emulate this for its participants.

Another huge influence for Gaming_Lulz has been the Bavga’s. This award ceremony has allowed Gaming_Lulz to decide what games the group would play at their meetings.


Gaming_Lulz is a group completely dedicated to creating a entertaining gaming experience in the real world and have done so on many occasions through our meet ups and gathering. The main purpose of Gaming_Lulz gatherings has been purely to have a fun gaming experience. At these gathering, it was important that a wide and diverse range of games were played and ones that gets players most engaged. This includes first person shooters, competitive sport simulators, racers, simple arcade games (including mobile gaming) and more. An important requirement for games that are played is that they allow players to play together (multiplayer splitscreen) against each another or on the same team. Otherwise, the game needs to have a high score system that will allow players who take part to compete based on the highest score they can get (most common on mobile games).

An important aspect of the Gaming_Lulz group is that the activities that were carried out are documented on social media. This includes social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The use of these social media platform is vital for sharing the Gaming_Lulz and helps to get more people involved with the gaming experiences. A strong social media presence is achieved by updating profiles regularly, uploading images, videos, and getting others engaged. Gaming_Lulz achieved the most interest on the Instagram account due to the fact that it represented Gaming_Lulz the correctly with many images and videos. @Gaming_Lulz.


Games to play

Call Of Duty

Once Gaming_Lulz had established what types of games were needed at the gaming gatherings and events, it was important to see how the players reacted to the games that were played. Based on the feedback at the gaming events, the games the were most entertaining, fun and competitive included Call of Duty and Rocket League . The reason for this is due to the fact that they both allow for split screen multiplayer and have game modes that can be very competitive which enabled people to get involved. Additionally, Call Of Duty is a common multilayer game which meant that many people are familiar with it and how to play it. This made for a quick and smooth gaming experience. Rocket League on the other hand is not as common as Call Of Duty, however it still allowed for people to get involved easily due to the simplicity of the game (described as "football, with rocket powered cars). The main reason for Rocket League being the perfect game to play gaming meet ups is because it allows for four people to play split screen simultaneously. This means that less people are left out and more people can be involved playing the same game together.

Rocket League coverart.jpgFifa.jpgFlappybird.jpgStack.jpeg


  • Competitive Mobile Gaming
  • Split Screen Tournament
  • Casual Gaming
  • Arcade Gaming
  • Hosting/Attending Game nights

Event Types

Casual Gaming

In order for these kinds of events to be executed correctly the Gaming_Lulz team had to donate a considerable amount of effort towards planning and execution. First the team had to gather the necessary materials to host the events. These materials included food, drinks, seating, games consoles, extra controllers, a television(large), WiFi and a variety of suitable video games. The team would then decide on an appropriate time to play, usually during the evening, then following the event, the team cleaned up and would set to organising the next activity.

Competitive gaming

Planning competitive gaming events takes a similar process for the Gaming_Lulz team but with two major differences; those who will attend the meet up will have to be organised into teams and the games that will be played will be more competitive. This gives a wider range of gaming to explore.

Arcade Gaming

Out of the possible activities undertaken by Gaming_Lulz, this is the easiest to organise due to requiring the least amount of preparation because the event is organised by a third party. An example of this is Gaming Night at The Font. All the preparation required by Gaming_Lulz for this was inviting people to attend and then showing up at the gaming night.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is another quick and easy way to set up gaming challenges. Many mobile games have a "pick up and play" concept which makes getting others involved (including non gamers) an easy process, as demonstrated by the mobile gaming competitions held by Gaming_Lulz.

Mobile1.png Arcade.jpg


Social Media


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gaming_lulz/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Gaming_Lulz

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tech1002-Gaming_Lulz-1709705855967071/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHO9Qxk_076CTgobD-ocTzg