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Emily McLernon, Instagram - @emilykate_

Emily McLernon

Emily McLernon is 20 years old, she was born on 14/02/1994, in Grimsby. Emily currently studies Media Production at De Montfort University in Leicester. Emily is looking forward to finishing her third year at university and graduating, but isn't yet 100% sure on what career path to take.

Emily McLernon's Social Media Project Plan

As part of TECH3022 this research plan was created to understand - How people talk about and make sense of different slimming clubs and businesses?

What Research Will Be Carried Out

Research has been undertaken to understand how people talk about and make sense of different slimming clubs and businesses online.


All research undertaken has been online, the following websites were selected for research purposes as each focuses on a different target market, Kayla Itsines mainly focuses on women, Flex Online focus mainly on men and then weight watchers doesn't specify a gender, it can be for either. Researching over these sites will provide a wide range of in-depth qualitative research over both genders.

As well as the following sites research was undertaken on Forums also, in forums the information given is personal and can provide a real life experience on the topic. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were also analysed during research as like forums social media sites can provide personal experiences, positive and negative and quality information can be found.

Kayla Itsines Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Her page is about health and fitness, she sells products on her site such as her fitness and healthy eating guide for people looking to get in shape. Her target market is females between 18 and 30, she also has a personal instagram account which she uses regularly and to keep in touch with her clients. Her page offers reviews from clients, stories and transformations of people who under go her guides as well as a blog she writes herself. The blogs are on health and fitness topics and provide detailed information.

Kayla Itsines, Instagram - @kaylaitsines

Flex Online Flex Online is the online version of an American Bodybuilding magazine, it provides information on fitness training and nutrition, with a gallery of photos and videos to browse. The web page is very busy as it is a successful magazine,

Flex Online

Weight Watchers Weight Watchers is a dieting community, they have a website and magazine as well as holding regular group meetings, they promote healthy eating and eating by their very own 'ProPoints' system. Within this system no food is off limits. They do not pursue male or female clients as they boast weight watchers can work for anyone.

Weight Watchers

Kayla Itsines Forum Forums on Kayla Itsines workout and fitness lifestyle concluded very negative, mainly by people not using the guides, although people using the guides were supportive and full of information for others asking questions.

Flex Online Forum Research in to this forum showed this sites forums are mainly lead by males, and don’t provide that much information, it is men discussing physiques and not always being polite about it. This forum is very different to the other two as no support or help was provided in this one.

Weight Watchers Forum After looking at this forum and several others Weight Watchers Forums are of the most positive, very supportive and helpful rather than negative and criticising. Useful for people looking to start or are a part of the weight watchers life style already!


Research in to the above sites will be undertaken over the 3 week Christmas holiday period, 12/12/14 - 04/01/15, with an extension ending on 12/01/15. This is a good period of time to be researching to health and fitness and dieting as it is over the Christmas period and in to the new year. Christmas is a known period for over eating and indulging and then once it is over people are looking for fitness plans, diets and quick fixes.


As it is an online topic all research will be undertaken online, over the above chosen websites as well as several forums and social networking sites to get a broad view of people’s opinions and the businesses and how they work.


How do people talk about and make sense of different slimming clubs and businesses?

Having the internet is a great resource which is at our fingertips at all times, after researching the chosen websites around healthy foods, diets and fitness research proved that the websites have pages and pages of information, different types of programs and diets available, price plans, freebies etc. People interested in healthy living, fitness and diets probably aren’t interested in most of the websites information, they will be looking for certain topics. Upon finding these topics to discuss, talk about and understand the information even more people can utilise the following that the websites offer.

To talk and find out about info you need on these sites there are the following options -


Each of the websites have a frequently asked questions page, were people can look to see if their question is on there and has been answered. Pages have these as people have previously discussed/asked in detail the same/similar questions.


Fantastic place for like-minded people to get in touch, socialise and provide each other with more information. You can find forums on almost everything and the great thing is that there are usually several on each subject. Anyone can get involved and you can get lots of perspectives. Research in to forums proved interesting, forums are a place where anything can be said which makes them a little unreliable at times. The information isn’t always factual and is very often opinion. The reviews and opinions can help but sometimes can be negative and offensive. Relying on just forums for information would not provide us with the best information.


The websites have an information email you can personally message if you cannot find the answers you’re looking for on the page, there is usually up to a 5 day wait for a response so other options maybe quicker, but the info you get from the email will be specific and advanced.


People can also get information from reviews others have posted, we are now able to reply and/or like reviews now on most sites to show if they were helpful or not.

Social Media

People are constantly on social media, liking, sharing, and chatting about all sorts of things. It can be a great place to discuss or gain info on a topic. A great thing about social media is the #. For example Kayla Itsines herself and all her clients and fans use #KaylaItsines, #BBG – then all the info can be found under these, it’s a great way to categorize.

Social Media Campaign

Events, Social Media, Website&Media Who, Why, What They Do

Emily's Contribution To The Wiki

  • Emily edited the social media section of the wiki research plan and added to a 'Pinterest' section and filled it with information on what it is and why it is good for the campaign.
  • Emily edited the Digital Literacies section adding a small amount of information to describe what Digital Literacies are.
  • Emily added 'Campaign Week Commencing 16/03' to the main plan page, adding the events of 16/03. This section can now be added to as the weeks events go ahead.
  • Emily added information the ' Events Planning' section to make it more personal and detailed.
  • Emily edited the Social Medi asection on the product planning page.

Emily's Video

This video is a summary of things Emily has learnt over the academic year. [1]

The Campaign Log

The Campaign log will be a date and timed organised blog to show what activities went on over the weeks approaching the Campaign Week.

12/01 Today the group discussed in detail interests and avenues that could be explored during an event held by the party attending.

19/01 Three key groups were decided on, Social Media; Events and Website & Media. It was then decided who would be best placed in each group, thinking it would be best to work alongside peoples skills and interests. The groups decided upon will cover each aspect of the event, organizing, scheduling and promoting necessarily.

Emily McLernon is part of the events team alongside Anna Landi, Jess Lail, Selina Sandhu, Rachael Butterworth and Baljit Rupra. taking responsibility for event ideas and goings on, days and timing.

26/01 Each group met today discussing in more detail their roles, the events team decided on activities to hold over the week, such as grab bags, health checks, fruit and veg stalls, a lecture and a taster booth.

02/02 During this meeting persons in the events team - Anna, Jess and Emily worked on each persons availability over the Campaign Week - 16- 20 March. This is availability for everyone in the team, events, social media and Website&Media. Jessica Lail was approaching everyone and noting when they were free. To make it easier and have more structural results to decide by, Emily McLernon suggested creating a poll facebook status where people then tick the date they are available; Jessica Lail created the status.

The social media team have created pages such as facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. To research, promote and reach an audience with our information. Anna Landi suggested as the events team we could make use of a private, collaborative Pinterest board for research purposes. Anna created it and added the team members so everyone is then able to post on it.

Social Media Campaign, Pinterest - @EmilyMcLernon

09/02On this date the events team discussed dates and times of events planned, mainly the fruit&veg grab bag table. It has been decided that this event will be held on Monday 16th, the team are looking to set up outside the Students Union, but need to ask permission first. The team have secured a lady from the market to come on this day, so the university can see who she is, and what she is about. The team also settled on a budget of £75 for the Monday fruit&veg event, writing a shopping list of things we need.

16/02/15 On this date the events team met up and discussed issues we were under going. After contacting the student surgery in person and by post, as they asked, we did not get any response what so ever. We were asking for their assistance during our events week, one afternoon for 3 hours to help us check people's BMI's. Last week the gym were visited and then contacted by email as they asked and responded saying they didn't wish to partake, we asked the gym as they promote health and fitness and it is the student gym. However they did agree to hand flyers out if we provide them with some.

We are going research in to BMI's and offer the check ourselves, it's not difficult. The Students Union was visited by 3 members of the events team today to discuss what is required to use the outside space, if it is students we simply visit the Union and book out a time slot and date with their reception team. However if we wish to bring in an outside business, like our market contact, she needs to fill out paper work and obtain a license. After much discussion we have decided that we will purchase her fruit and sell it ourselves rather than her coming and selling. We will obviously promote her stall as we will be using her products.

Today Emily edited the social media section of the wiki research plan and added to a 'Pinterest' section and filled it with information on what it is and why it is good for the campaign.

16/03 It's campaign week! The first campaign went ahead today, Jess, Anna, Baljit, Selina, CHristos and I all set up a fruit stand outside the student union raising awareness of healthy eating and the Leicester Market to students and people on site.