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The De Montfort Student Union DSU is located in the heart of the campus. Running the DSU there is an executive team comprised of 5 members: Adil Waraich, Amie Chapman, Adam Redfern, Stephen Burrell and Rebecca Robson, all elected by the students of DMU. The DSU is student-run and student-led, this makes it very personal to students, the exec team aim to voice opinions of students and really make time at university the best it can be. The union takes great pride in being a non-profit organisation, so every penny spent in there is reinvested into improving the union.

These roles were elected by students in March 2014 and will be active roles till the end of the academic year in June 2015.

Roles within the team

  • President - Adil Waraich is head of the executive team where he oversees work being done from the other four members. His job is to make decisions that will benefit the DSU positively giving De Montfort Students the best experience he can.

  • Deputy President Education - Amie Chapman is in charge of education at DMU. She thrives to make sure everyone gets the best possible grade and experience out of there degree. She will deal with any problems students have throughout the year, aiming to solve them efficiently with the students best interests at heart.

  • Vice President Media & Communications- Adam Redfern will orchestrate Demon Media as a whole making sure it is achieving the best possible results. Adam will provide opportunities for students to enhance their university career as well as improving their academic CV.

  • Vice President Student Activities - Stephen Burrell is in charge of overseeing the activities for the 32 sports teams and over 95 societies at DMU. Within the role Steve is also the Chair of the RAG (Raise and Give) Society, which makes him vital in fundraising and volunteering.

  • Vice President Welfare & Community- Rebecca Robson will work closely with the students making sure they are happy at DMU. She will aim to provide any assistance or advice one may want to require whilst at university.