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The latest edition of FIFA
FIFA (also known as FIFA Football) is a video game series for Association Football. It is developed by EA sports and has been released annually since FIFA International Soccer was released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1993.

FIFA has now been released on a variation on consoles, from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, to the next gem consoles

A popular game within FIFA is FIFA Ultimate Team which has been included in the games since FIFA 09. This popular game mode involves buying and selling player cards and creating any team you like. With this team you can play against the Computer or you can play seasons or cup against other people in the world.


While FIFA 95 did not add much other than the ability to play with club teams, FIFA 96 pushed the boundaries. For the first time with real player names by obtaining the FIFPro license, the PlayStation, PC, 32X and Sega Saturn versions used EA's "Virtual Stadium" engine, with 2D sprite players moving around a real-time 3D stadium.

List of Games

  • FIFA 02 (PS2)
  • FIFA 03 (PS2)
  • FIFA 04 (PS2)
  • FIFA 05 (PS2)
  • FIFA 06 (PS2)
  • FIFA 07 (PS3)
  • FIFA 08 (PS3)
  • FIFA 09 (PS3)
  • FIFA 10 (PS3)
  • FIFA 11 (PS3)
  • FIFA 12 (PS3)
  • FIFA 13 (PS3)
  • FIFA 14 (PS4)
  • FIFA 15 (Xbox One) (Feel the Game)

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