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Facebook is a social networking site which allows users to create their own profile to interact with their friends.


Facebook allows users to create their own profile to interact with their friends. On their profile they can have a profile picture and a cover photo. They have an information, about, photos and friends page, along with many other pages where They can add information about a certain subject. Users can update their status, which will appear on their wall (profile) and also appear on their friends home page. Everything posted on the users wall or items that have been posted by friends will appear on the users timeline. every post or post that the user has been tagged in will appear in chronological order on their profile.

Users have to send a friend requests to other people if they want to be friends with them and view their profile/ allow them to view your profile and see your activity on their homepage. Users can privately message their friends also, and this has allowed facebook to connect millions of people together all around the world. It is a very broad network, allowing you to interact in multiple ways, i.e creating an events page for special occasions or general activities.


Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates began creating Facebook in January 2004, and withing less than a month, Mark had written all the code to finish the main site. It was launched in February of that year as www.thefacebook.com, exclusively available to Harvard University students. After receiving overnight success and thousands of members within a week, Zuckerberg eventually expanded the availability of the site to the Ivy League universities, and eventually most universities and colleges in the United States. By 2006 the website was simply called "Facebook" and was available nearly worldwide. The founding of Facebook was adapted into a film, The Social Network, which was released in 2010. It stars Jesse Eisenburg as Mark Zuckerburg and spans from the autumn of 2003 until Mark's fallout with Eduardo Saverin, with various lawsuits (unchronologically) shown throughout.

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