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Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank is a musician, chef, alter ego of George Miller and host of the Youtube series the Filthy Frank show. The show is based around Frank and the strange entities that live in his house, it generally satirises internet culture and is an example of an anti-vlog. Filthy Frank displays offensive and controversial humour as a demonstration of the ridiculousness of social blights and how social media spirals around low level content.


Starting on the channel DizastaMusic in 2008. Filthy Frank gained notoriety in 2013 when he started the Harlem Shake meme in the same year content moved to the TVFilthyFrank channel where it currently resides.


There are many characters in the Filthy Frank series who appear in varying frequencies and costumes. Most are played by Frank himself and feature coloured bodysuits.

List of Filthy Frank characters

Filthy Frank - Otherwise known as Pappa Franku

Pink Guy - Room-mate of Frank's and has his own rap career

Red Dick - Friend of Filthy Frank and Pink Guy

Prometheus - Red Dick's large, muscular bodyguard

Chin Chin - Lycra god who controls the realms of the Filthy Frank universe

Dade - Endangered bald chocolate man, possibly played by Youtube personality HowToBasic

Safari Man - A very stereotypical Japanese tourist and Filthy Frank's other room-mate

Salamander Man - Part salamander, part man who rubs his nipples and exclaims "Nyeeeessssss"

Black friend - Pink Guy's best friend

Weeaboo Jones - Weeaboo parody character

Tit job specialist - A hypersexual basket case


Filthy Frank's influence can be seen throughout the dank meme side of the internet. It is the source of such memes as "Eyy b0ss" and "Have you seen Chef?"