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Fire Emblem If is a Japanese tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by Intelligent Systems, and published by Nintendo. It is the fourteenth game in the Fire Emblem series. It will be released on June 25, 2015 in Japan, and 2016 outside of Japan.

This title features the first title split, in which two different versions of the game exist, each one with a unique story. Fire Emblem if: Byakuya Okoku will follow the story of the Avatar aligning with Hoshido and Fire Emblem if: Anya Okoku will follow the story of the Avatar allying with Nohr instead. A master version containing both storylines plus a third storyline will be released on a future date.


The player will take on the role of an Avatar who was born to Hoshido royalty, but raised in Nohr. On the brink of war, the player must choose whether to follow destiny tied to their bloodline or the fate bound to their loyalty. Siding with the Hoshido kingdom will involve the player defending their birthplace from the invading Nohr kingdom. Aligning with the Nohr kingdom will involve the player in a revolution within the Nohr kingdom. There will be a option to align with neither side, though details about this route are currently unknown.


Various characters have been shown off in the game already, with a blue haired dancer girl being the most prominent. As of now, these are the only characters with official names.

  • Avatar (officially named Kamui in the Japanese version)


  • Marx
  • Garon
  • Camilla


  • Ryoma
  • Hinoka
  • Tsubaki
  • Sakura
  • Kazahana
  • Saizou
  • Orochi