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A former war hero turned smuggler must travel across space to earn his keep and feed his crew, running from the law and protecting his crew from harm. In the first episode he picks up passengers for extra money, the only problem? There is a hyper intelligent stowaway who was owned and experimented on by the government....And they want her back

Main Cast

The Crew of Serenity

Nathan Fillion (Malcolm Reynolds)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds is the owner of Serenity and was a former sergent for the Independent Army (the Browncoats) during the Unification War. He is a skilled captain, who is happy with the simple things in life, that uses his skills to steal and smuggle to keep his ship afloat and crew happy.

Nathan is otherwise known for his appearances in Saving Private Ryan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Desperate Housewives and Castle.

Gina Torres (Zoe Washburne)

Zoe is Wash’s wife and second in command on Serenity. During the Unification War, she served under Mal where she learnt her skills as a fighter and her ability to remain calm under all circumstances. She is loyal to both her husband and to her Captain and the rest of her crew.

Gina is otherwise know for her appearances in Angel, The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions and 24.

Alan Tudyk (Hoban Washburne)

Wash is Zoe’s husband and pilot onboard Serenity. He is known for his love for his wife, his light-hearted manor and ability to make the most out of every situation by finding happiness in the simplest things. He is an expert at his job but is lacking when it comes to his combat abilities.

Alan is otherwise known for his appearances in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and 3:10 to Yuma.

Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra)

Inara is a companion who rents a shuttle onboard Serenity. A companion is the future’s version of an escort which gains the crew of Serenity a level of respectability they wouldn’t have otherwise. She is known for her compassion and the high level of social acceptance that comes along with her job. Morena is otherwise known for her appearances in V, Homeland and Gotham.

Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb)

Jayne is a gun for hire who works for money and to earn money, will do anything Mal asks him too. Jayne can be depended upon in a fight due to his large collection of weapons and ability to use them. He acts like the toughest man in the verse, however, his fear of the Reavers and famous hat occasionally shows the audience that there is another side to him that he like to let on to the crew.

Adam is otherwise known for his appearances in full Metal Jacket, Predator 2, Independence Day, The X-Files as well as his voice work as Superman in Superman: Doomsday and Halo 3.

Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye)

Kaylee is the mechanic onboard Serenity who is known for her love for the ship, Serenity, and everyone onboard. Joss Whedon refers to Kaylee as the heart of the ship and her ability to keep the ship running and keep the crew together with her sweet and innocent way.

Jewel is otherwise known for her appearances in Stargate SG-1 and The Killing.

Sean Maher (Simon Tam)

Simon is the medic onboard Serenity and brother of River. Simon was a one of the top surgeons on the core planets but had to leave that life behind to rescue his sister from government testing. Originally an outcast on the ship, Simon soon earns his place as a member of the crew of Serenity.

Sean is otherwise known for his appearances on The Playboy Club and The $treet.

Summer Glau (River Tam)

River was smuggled onboard serenity, by her brother Simon, after she was being experimented on by the government. River is incredibly intelligent; however, the experiments seem to have made her delusional and unpredictable. Throughout the series, the true nature of the experiments unravels revealing what she has become.

Summer is otherwise known for her appearances in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Arrow.

Ron Glass (Derrial Book)

Book is a Shepherd (a sort of priest) who joins the crew of Serenity as a tourist looking to travel somewhere. Although he is often known for his peaceful and innocent Christian preacher ways, the series hints at a past where he was a member of the alliance with a role very different from what we initially see. He is seen as the voice of reason on the ship and seemingly good friend of Jayne Cobb.

Ron is otherwise known for his appearances in Death at a Funeral, Rugrats and Rhythm and Blues.


Episode List
No. Title Directed By Written By Original Air Date
1 "Serenity" Joss Whedon Joss Whedon 20th December 2002
2 "The Train Job" Joss Whedon Joss Whedon & Tim Minear 20th September 2002
3 "Bushwhacked" Tim Minear Tim Minear 27th December 2002
4 "Shindig" Vern Gillum Jane Espenson 1st November 2002
5 "Safe" Michael Grossman Drew Z. Greenberg 8th November 2002
6 "Our Mrs. Reynolds" Vondie Curtis Hall Joss Whedon 4th October 2002
7 "Jaynestown" Marita Grabiak Ben Edlund 18th October 2002
8 "Out of Gas" David Solomon Tim Minear 25th October 2002
9 "Ariel" Allan Kroeker Jose Molina 15th November 2002
10 "War Stories" James Contner Cheryl Cain 6th December 2002
11 "Trash" Vern Gillum Ben Edlund & Jose Molina 21st July 2003
12 "The Message" Tim Minear Joss Whedon & Tim Minear 28th July 2003
13 "Heart of Gold" Thomas J. Wright Brett Matthews 4th August 2003
14 "Objects in Space" Joss Whedon Joss Whedon 13th December 2002



The series was continued with a full length feature film, Serenity, which was produced my Universal. There have also been several comic book continuations including: