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Fishy Lim, 2016

When you see a one inch under 5 feet girl, making elaborate hand gestures and expressions while talking, only to be fascinated (or horrified) by her flailing arms and high-pitched voice – that is, Fishy.

Swee Yee, Lim, (born 1st of August 1997) whom people always known as “Fish” or “Fishy”, is an international student from Malaysia, pursuing her undergraduate studies in Communication Arts BA (Hons) at De Montfort University.

Personal Life

She was born and raised in the capital city of Selangor state, Klang, which Malaysians often refer to “Klang Valley” together with Kuala Lumpur. Being the second child of the family of six, she is never tired of telling stories on how all her siblings succeed in what they are passionate about (all stepped into creative communication industry despite graduated as science student in high school), mainly because of having supportive parents.

It was as early as five, when Fishy sees herself in performing arts. Singing, dancing, poem recitals, storytelling – they are the Barbies and teddy bears in her childhood days. At 14, she fell in love with the magic of bringing stories to life as she landed in a theatre production, which reconstructed her understanding on “perspectives” and “narratives”, and the relationship between both. Experiences as theatre actor gradually sparked her fascination for the media world as she was mesmerized by how one’s curiosity and “reality” is limited by own imagination – which is fundamentally molded by media.


Education to Fishy, is not just about teaching and learning process, but it is worth highlighted as different life stages which nurtured her in becoming who she is today.

Tadika Ding Dong Bell (2001 – 2003)

The kindergarten where she first developed her interests in performing arts and shaped her personality.

SJK(C) Pui Ying (2004 – 2009)

Six years in the primary school is one of the hardest period for her to comprehend how to “get along” with people. She underwent verbal, social and cyberbullying since she was 10, primarily due to her popularity among teachers for her performance in both academic and co-curricular activities. That explained why she does not own social media accounts to date, other than Facebook (even that was created for work purposes when she was 16) despite being a media student.

SMJK Kwang Hua (2010 – 2014)

Still striving hard for academic excellence and personal growth, she turned into a rather low-profiled individual. This is also where she gained different revelation exposure to the media world and discovered passion of her life – participated in theatre performances, joined one of Malaysia’s largest broadcast stations, 8TV as student reporter, being elected as President of Librarian board and chief editor for a student magazine, SH@RE.

IACT College (2015 – 2017)

Two and a half years studying Diploma in Mass Communication at IACT College has led her to developing unrivalled passion in Public Relations as well as involving in community work. Two most memorable PR initiatives that she took pride in were:

a) Charity night to raise fund for Dialogue in the Dark (DID) Malaysia (a blindness organization)
b) PR campaign to establish a new home for SEED Foundation, a community-based organization in Malaysia to support those socially excluded, mostly transgender women, former drug users and HIV-positive people.

De Montfort University (2018 – present)

She is now a third-year student studying Communication Arts in DMU. She yearns to delve deeper into as well as integrate the functions of Public Relations with giving back to society. At the same time, she never wants to stop expanding her horizons as a performer.

Tech 3022 Social Media Practice

[Component A]

World Childless Week - World Childless Week is a global awareness week envisioned to lend a helping hand to the Childless Not by Choice (CNBC) community, in finding support groups that understand their grief and guiding them to move forward in self-acceptance. At the same time, act as a platform to gather childless community and amplify #childlessvoice through various social media platforms.

[Component B]

i) No Poverty. No Hunger - Feeding Leicester is an initiative to address food poverty as a key theme within Leicester’s Food Plan by improving access to affordable healthy food for all.

ii) Seventy Three: Social Media Identity? - Seventy Three as the official retail partner of Timberland and The North Face is currently having issues with their social media presence. This blog post provides insights into the business nature of Seventy Three as well as sparking some inspirations or ideas for those who would like to craft a social media campaign for Seventy Three in Component C for this module.

iii) A Review for Term 1 - This post highlights what I have learnt in the first 13 weeks with John, especially our discussion on truth and trust in this 21st century.

[Component C]

i) Town and Gown Leicester 10k: The Intro - Town and Gown 10k is a series of huge fundraising events for Muscular Dystrophy UK that has been raising more than £2 million so far to fight against muscle-wasting conditions. Each year, thousands of runners take on Town and Gown 10k in Oxford and Cambridge; and the newest event in this series are back to Leicester for the third year on the 17 March 2019. I am working as DMU Marketing Volunteer to promote the cause since January. With the theme of Not Just Another Success Story, this blog post aims to provide some insights on the trials and errors I have throughout the execution of the Marketing plans while giving an overview of the Marketing campaign.

ii) Town and Gown Leicester 10k: The Progress - Part 2 of the 'Not Just Another Success Story' highlights three main efforts that I have worked on with the members of the volunteering team, i.e. Email Marketing, Online Article and Radio Interview as well as Photo Marketing. All these promotional ideas do not limit to only digital marketing; but integrating both online platforms and offline groundworks to increase the awareness and engage with the members of university.

iii) Town and Gown Leicester 10k: The Evaluation Part 3 of 'Not Just Another Success Story' reflects and evaluates on the efforts and focuses on what have NOT been done. While stressing few times about this campaign is a real-life execution, it is more important to realise room of improvement than merely celebrating the success (and again, whether this campaign is a success or not, I leave that to you.)

iv) Town and Gown Leicester 10k: The Challenge In conjunction with the 10-year challenge going viral on social media, Part 4 of 'Not Just Another Success Story' underlines the 10 challenges with 10 photographs and the lessons learnt throughout the 2-month journey. This is not a typical post about 'how to utilise social media platforms'; instead, it contains pieces of advices that came from real experiences of working or volunteering in charities. Basically, the MIT that John has always talked about.

v) Town and Gown Leicester 10k: Reflexive Video Coming to the last part of the 'Not Just Another Success Story', this reflexive video is slightly different from my previous ones - first attempt on fliming and editing in VLOG style. Instead of only having my voice for the volunteering journey, the video also includes opinions from one of my team mates, Agata, as well as a runner from the 10k, to provide third-person narrative into the whole journey! There are also snippets of behind-the-scenes, all videographed and photographed by me during the run day - so, sit back and enjoy!

Tech 3501 Community Media Leadership

[Component A] SEED Foundation Malaysia - SEED Foundation is the first Trans-led organisation in Malaysia founded by Nisha Ayub.

[Component B]

i) A Journey in the Dark - Dialogue in the Dark (DID) Malaysia, a social enterprise aimed to nurture empathy and understanding towards the visually impaired. At the same time, reminding the sighted community to appreciate their eyesights and enlightening the sighted community in handling diversity.

ii) Visual Impairment around the Globe - Continuing with Stevens Chan's story on visual impairment, this blog post is dedicated to discuss global blindness and visual impairment, how the effort to reduce preventable visual handicap aligned with UN Sustainable Goals; while also providing contexts in the UK and Leicester.

iii) Taking that First Step - This post highlights my output and planning for International Community Media EXPO after researching on issues and community development projects on visual impairment.

[Component C]

i) What is Leicester to me? This introductory post explained about the background of the final year EXPO that my course mates and I were working on. Titled 'It Takes A City To Raise A Child', the EXPO aimed to expose the life chances of Leicester children in 2019 and the circumstances facing them. From poverty, hidden homelessness, mental health issues and the lack of "school readiness" - all contributing the ever-widening socio mobility gap between our local children. This blog post also included what does Leicester mean to me, as an international student from Malaysia.

ii) Roles and Responsibilities (PART 1) This blog post highlighted my main role and responsibilities at very beginning phase of preparing for the EXPO. Research and note-taking were my main job scope at that time. The post also highlighted the barriers we encountered while trying to obtain up-to-date data, not to mention inquiring charities about potential case studies to be involved in our documentary and contexualise the series of photo essays.

iii) Roles and Responsibilities (PART 2) Continuing previous post about my roles and responsibilities, this blog highlighted my contribution in Marketing and constructing Market installations and junk food mountain, while also featured a wide array trials and errors as well as lessons learnt.

iv) Roles and Responsibilities (PART 3) Being given the opportunities to handle internal and external communications were one of the main roles I enjoyed so much. That included sending invites, liaising with different stakeholders who were involved in our EXPO, such as the keynote speakers from Focus Charity and Home-Start Horizons as well as DMU Marketing team. The last part of the blog post underlined the meaningful conversations with the two young people from Focus Charity, Daniel and Danisa, which made a huge impact to contextualise the EPXO.

v) Reflexive Video This is the final reflexive video to reflect upon my 9-month journey with Communication Arts. From being anxious and not knowing what to expect, to falling in love with every bit within the course: the modules, the people and the tutors! This is also a blog post dedicated to express appreciation and gratitude towards my tutors, John Coster and Jo McLeish for thier guidance throughout. Most importantly, the EXPO enabled me reaffirm my future path, understand how I fit into a team and reflect upon the biggest flaw within my work ethic.