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Adobe flash is a multimedia, software platform used for creating animation, games, and vector graphics, which can be played and viewed in Adobe Flash Player. It is used frequently to serve streaming media, interactive multimedia content, and advertisement on web pages and flash enabled software. Interactive animations are created with object-oriented language called ‘ActionScript’.


Smart Sketch was the original Flash in which Jonathan Gay developed and founded by Charlie Jackson, it was published by Future Wave Software. Originally, Smart Sketch was a drawing application running the Pen Point OS. SmartSket was ported to Mac OS and Microsoft Windows, when PenPoint failed. This resulted in future wave adding cell animation editing to vector drawing capabilities of Smart Sketch, as the internet became more popular. In 1995, Future wave approached Adobe Systems with an offer to sell them FutureSplash; however, Adobe turned the offer down at that time. In 1996, Futuresplash was released as Flash and is currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems, as the result of 2005 Macromedia purchase.