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The Cast


The TV Show is set around a family who all meet up every Friday, to have a family dinner, and the hilarious antics that unfold. the main characters are the Mother and Father Martin and Jackie, and the two sons Jonny and Adam, their is also a Neighbour Jim, who occasionally goes round to see the Goodmans.

The TV Show is a comedy sitcom, that ran for 3 series, and they are apparently working on another series, in the UK it was shown on Channel 4, it was created by the makers of the Channel 4 show 'Green Wing'.

Friday Night Dinner is widely known Nationwide, with many fans regularly quoting the show in their day to day lives.


Recurring characters

  • Tasmin Greig as Jackie Goodman, wife of Martin and mother of Adam and Jonathan.
  • Paul Ritter as Martin Goodman father of Adam and Jonathan.
  • Simon Bird as Adam Goodman, nicknamed 'Pusface' to his brother 'Jonny' Goodman.
  • Tom Rosenthal as Jonathan Goodman, commonly 'Jonny' to his family.
  • Mark Heap as Jim Bell, the Goodman's estranged neighbour.

Episode list

Series Overview

Series Episodes Aired
1 6 Feb-Apr 2011
2 6 Oct-Nov 2012
Christmas Speical 1 24 Dec 2012
3 6 Jun-Jul 2014


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