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The HTC Vive is a newly announced Virtual Reality device being devloped between HTC and the Valve Corperation. The Vive is part of HTC's RE series giving it the name RE Vive, and it is alos apart of Valves SteamVR project.


HTC officially unveiled its device, Vive, during its Mobile World Congress keynote on March 1, 2015. Subsequent updates on Steam have indicated a potential release date of November 2015.


HTC states that Vive has a refresh rate of 90Hz, requiring content to be rendered at 90 frames-per-second. The device uses two screens, one per eye, each having a resolution of 1080x1200. The device uses more than 70 sensors including a MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer and laser position sensors, and is said to operate in a 15 feet by 15 feet (4.5 by 4.5 meters) tracking space if used with a passive "Lighthouse" base station, of which two are required to avoid occlusion problems.