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Early life

Imaan was born in the United Kingdom, Leicester. She lived in highfields with her mum and brother for most of her childhood until they moved to Beaumont Leys were she spent her teenage years and continues to live during her adult life.

= Education

Imaan attended Glebelands primary school up until year 6, Anstey Martins High School year 7-9 and then Longslade Community college years 10-13. Imaan went to Birmingham City University for years 1&2 until deciding to change to Demon Fort University for her final year.


Imaan attended a photography club when she was 14 years old. This hobby became her passion and choice of career path. Imaan began her career volunteering, shadowing and being mentored by Kajal Nisha Patel until she started to form her own free-lance business were she photographed weddings, events, artists, models and personal projects. Imaan went on to curate an exhibition, create her own exhibition and win awards for her ideas and work.

Hobbies and interests

Imaan has a grand history in sports. She started with gymnastics and street dance. She then got into football where she continued for years until she got involved in boxing and athletics. She then returned to football but came to an abrupt halt due to health issues but still attends a gym until these issues are resolved. Imaan is also a film and documentary enthusiast and loves organic products.


Component A: Survey of campaigns:About Refugee Action is an independent national charity founded in 1981 that provides advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and campaigns for a fairer asylum system. It is governed by a board of trustees chaired by Penny Lawrence.

I have chosen this organisation because it fits perfectly with my final year project which I will base on Refugee’s and asylum seekers. My aim will be to gain an insight into their experiences, processes and reasons for migrating and what help is available here when they come to Leicester. By conducting a survey of this campaign I am researching further into help available in the UK and learning more about the subject matter in general. blog:

Component B: Social Media Project Investigation. For my research I analysed how people use the internet to express their views on my topic of interest; asylum seekers and refugees as well as the debates surrounding that such as immigration. I studied how people utilised social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I then looked at online news articles such as CNN and Atlantic. I also found a great amount of data about this topic on YouTube varying from vlogger content to news and entertainment channels. blog:

Component C: Dissecting Apple. The purpose of these 4 blogs are to challenge mainstream debates on social media that revolve around Apple products. I often see people complain that Apple is overpriced and a not worth the buy therefore I wanted to delve into the products a bit deeper and identify why they are the prices they are and see if they really are worth it. These blogs will not only be aimed at the techy community but the mainstream consumers who buy smart phones and smart gadgets for day to day usage. I used to be one of those people who gasped at the prices Apple put on their products but the more I researched the more reasonable these prices became. I realised with Apple you aren’t just buying a product you’re investing into multiple products meshed into one, high security, innovation, style, devout customer service and a trusted brand that prides itself on quality, enriching lives, ethics, renewable energy, recycling and honesty. I am not just throwing fancy/positive adjectives out there. Apple backs every single one of these descriptions up available for the public to see on