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Early Life

A young Jake Learning guitar

Jake Baugh was brought up in a small village called Charlton on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire. Quickly developing an interest in technology it wasn't long before he had his first handheld gaming console, a Nintendo Gameboy Colour Lite. However, it was not the only obsession for him, also enjoying the (limited) freedom that his bike allowed. It was at this young age that his interest with media was kick-started. Whilst he was not so interested in deep pretentious movies, the young man had an objective; he wanted to entertain people.

Baugh also showed a great interest in music. He learnt drums for seven years, forced to stop as he moved onto college. He attempted some guitar and quickly realized his ineptitude, but still occasionally picks up a bass to practice, or plays the piano and throughout all this holds on to his singing. (Even if his singing 'talent' is debatable)


Originally hailing from the sizeable town of Andover, Jake studied in early life at Portway Infant and Junior school, before moving on to Harrow Way Community School, Where he prospered. Involving himself in everything he could, from the school band to the Library Jake was determined to make an impact, which culminated in the lead role in Bugsy Malone in his last year, and heading onwards To Peter Symonds college for another two years. Whilst he struggled to keep up with the change in learning style Jake still continued to work on what he was passionate on, continuing to act and film and even blog for a short period of time.

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