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James Collins is currently a third year BSc Media Production student at De Montfort University.


Assessment A - Survey of Anti-Sugar Campaigns

                      A few thoughts on sugar

Assessment B - Social Media Project Investigation

              Blog 1: Sugar in healthy foods 
              Blog 2: Hidden sugar in pasta sauce
              Blog 3: Natural Vs Refined Sugar
              Blog 4: Is junk food cheaper than healthy food?
              Blog 5: Reflecting on what I've learned

Assessment C - Social Media Group Project

              Blog 1: Early days group project
              Blog 2: The birth of Sugar Things
              Blog 3: Sugar Things logo/banner
              Blog 4: The importance of memes
              Blog 5: Spreadable memes
              Blog 6: Creating a sugar meme
              Blog 7: Evaluating Sugar Things memes
              Blog 8: Why Sugar Things is based on hidden sugars
              Blog 9: Group podcast/discussion
              Blog 10: Final reflective video

Click HERE to visit James Collins' ourDMU blogs to see what he has been up to and his group work blogs about breadmaking.