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A photograph of James (on the left) with British comics artist David Lloyd(on the right). (c. London Film and Comic Con 2014)

James ‘Geoffrey’ Pell (born 1996) is a British 1st Year Student currently studying BSc Media Production at De Montfort University. James was born in the Lincolnshire town of Boston and has lived in Sleaford, Lincolnshire for the entirety of his life; however since September 2014 James has currently been living in Leicester while undergoing study.


James has always had interests within the creative world with taking Art, Product Design and a Level 2 Creative and Media Diploma at GCSE, enabling him to explore various mediums. It was during this time that initially began his interest in media, following that interest up James studied both Media Studies and Film Studies and is now studying Media Production at a degree level allowing him to gain new skills and knowledge in a subject.

Early Life

Born on 14th August 1996 at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire. Since then James has resided in Sleaford, Lincolnshire growing up in the same house for 18 years, attending his local schools throughout this period.


Church Lane Nursery and Primary School (1999-2007)

James attended Church Lane Nursery and Primary School in Sleaford.

St George’s College of Technology/St George’s Academy (2007-2012)

James first attended St George’s College of Technology in 2007. In January 2010 the School combined with Coteland’s School in Ruskington and Aveland School in Billingboough to become St George's Academy. James went on to leave the school in 2012 with 17 1/2 GCSE's at A*-C which included:

  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Science
  • Additional Science
  • Preparation for Working Life (1/2 GCSE)
  • Art and Design
  • Product Design
  • Level 2 Creative and Media Diploma (equivalent to 7 GCSE’s)
  • Functional Skills qualification in Information and Communication Technology
  • Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics

Sleaford Joint Sixth Form (2012-2014)

After leaving secondary school, James attended Sleaford Joint Sixth Form enabling him to stay based at St George’s Academy for another 2 years. At Sixth Form, James achieved A-levels in Media Studies and Film Studies along with an AS in Mathematics and also gaining an IFS Level 2 Certificate in Personal Finance. Whilst at Sixth Form, James also began volunteering at Carre Gallery, part of the Sleaford Gallery Arts Trust in 2013 taking on the role of an Exhibition Invigilator.

De Montfort University (2014-Present)

James is currently attending De Montfort University studying BSc Media Production.

Wiki Entries

James has created the DC Entertainment wiki fan page as a main directory linking to all pages based around similar topics within the DC Universe; he has also created pages for the following entries:

all of which are accessible through DMU Commons.

Contributions *NEW*

James has made contribution towards the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice page; creating both an External Links section, enabling user access to the official film website, including the facebook and twitter pages and also a section on the Batman vs. Superman abandoned project that began it's development during 2001 - 2002.

Contributions to the Harley Quinn page have also been made by James; creating both an External Links section and a section entitled 'Harley Quinn Month', an event that was created by DC Comics which took place in February 2015.

Blog Entries

James has written many blog posts on everything and anything related to DC Entertainment, mainly focused on reviewing the latest TV episode showings of Arrow, Gotham and The Flash with the exception of the occasional film/game news story.

all of which are accessible within the TECH1002 category of his blog.

Recent Posts

Most recently focusing on the gaming sector within DC Entertainment incorporating embedded links, images and video files into his posts, further enabling the user interactivity and accessibility to his blog.

Recent post that are to be noted include (the list provided below has been arranged in a most recent first format):

Reflective Journals

It is to be noted that the following list provided has been arranged in a most recent first format.

You can find all of James' blogs based upon his research into the gaming community and it's relationship with energy drinks here

Project Development can be found here NEW

External Links

  • The NEW 52 (Blog)
  • That 'Convenience' in My Life - A vlog-style video on my experience of food, this was created as part of my TECH3002 coursework. Click (here)