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James in Majorca, 2016

Hi I'm James, you can find my blog page here.

About James

James was born in Doncaster, Yorkshire in 1998. He is the only child of David and Tracey. James studied at Willow Primary School, before moving up to Hall Cross Academy for his GCSE's. He continued at the academy for his A-Levels, taking Media Studies, IT, English Language and the Extended Project Qualification. He received an unconditional offer through his UCAS application process and is currently a third year Media Production Student at De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester.

James is a very sociable man, always keen to be in the heart of the action and not miss out. His passions and interest in music, television and the media fit well with this personality trait that James holds. Alongside these interests, he enjoys food and travelling, again these interests go hand in hand with each other, and also with his media course and passions, as these topics are ideal for basing work around.

Social Group

James is part of the Social Group within DMU, Tins n' Toppings, who meet often to try out new beers and pizzas.

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Early Life

James with Nathan, 2016
Growing up James was a very sociable and confident, this is a trait that has stood him in good stead for his media course. He met his best friend, Nathan on the first day of Reception at Primary School and they have remained close friends ever since. Along with Nathan, he often made short videos pretending they were presenting television or a youtube video. Occasionally, they would pretend to be on television shows such as a soap or something similar, and would then play these videos to close family. Sometimes they would pretend to present radio shows together, proving their interest for media before they were old enough to realise this passion. During his childhood, James' time was split between his hometown, Doncaster and Marchwood in Southampton, where his family lived. To this day, James still enjoys making the 6 hour journey and visiting his family as often as possible.

Hobbies & Interests

Sunrise in Majorca as captured by James, 2015

James is interested in many things, being keen in photography and video production, travel and food. These interests sit hand in hand with each other, as there are huge photography opportunities that go alongside travel and food. James rarely leaves the house without his camera, as he is eager to get the best shots without missing out. If he does go out without his camera, his iPhone camera is always in tow. James is also passionate about music, and enjoys listening to music of all types, which is sometimes seen as unusual for his generation.

James was limited to travelling abroad in his early childhood due to an illness, but has since seized the opportunity and traveled to various places around Europe and to the US. He enjoys every aspect of travelling and is always keen to start a new adventure.


James is a third year student of Media Production, this year he is taking 4 modules, one of which is compulsory, and three of which are chosen; The Technology Project, Social Media Practice, Radio Location Production and Creative Media Entrepreneurship.

For his first year, James took these modules; Social Media & Technology, Image Capture and Processing, Audio Capture and Processing and Multimedia. He found out his results on 04/07/17 and he passed with flying colours. In second year, James studied Social Media Production, Radio Production, Television Production and Video and Imaging Techniques. In these he averaged a 2:1.

As part of his University experience, James is the final year course rep for Media Production BSc, working with the Students Union.


James has always been keen to keep busy and work, he had held various jobs before moving to Leicester, including working at SnapDragon, an outlet subsidiary of Country Baskets at Lakeside Village. For a short time he held a job at the now closed electronics store, Maplin. He has also worked for Primark in Doncaster, Nottingham and Leicester.

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Find James

Snapchat: jamesross_98