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K-Pop survival programs are reality television of a production of a male/female group/band in South Korea. In the the program these individuals aka 'trainees' are divided into teams, where they are to compete against each other to complete a 'mission' which alternate every mission, these missions include a variety of challenges such as composing a song, creating original choreography, writing a song, setting up the stage and in the end performing it to a panel of 12 - 15 judges.

YG Ent. Survival Program: WIN (Who Is Next)


he program lasting up to an hour usually airs every week in South Korea, but for the mass of the audience overseas, it is uploaded on YouTube with english subtitles. The structure of the program has created a convention itself:

1) Starts with the flashback to the previous episodes,

2) then they are given a mission by witch they have to complete within a given time-frame

3) The whole process of planing and practice are filmed and then they finish the episode with a cliff hanger for the next episode which airs their mission performance - normally lasting the full episode with judges giving full feedback including celebrity guest, producers and the company CEO.

4) Live/ online audiences vote for their favourite teams performance.


Voting is usually set up during the last few episodes such as the semi-final and final, Voting only up until recently only consisted of national votes, however with the rise of K-pop globally, fans and viewers are now able to vote via SNS such as Kakao Talk.

International Viewers

Youtube has played a major role in sharing K-pop content on a global scale, making content such as survival programs readily available to watch from any of the leading network channels such as Mnet in english subtitles. Although the air date of the episode in South Korea is a week before channels upload the episode on youtube, it makes the viewers feel like a weekly program that they can watch.

Social Media

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMKpvPKxnds&t=16 - South Korea's highest rated survival program of a male group during 2013 (available to watch with english subtitles)