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Lost (stylised as LOST) is an American TV drama show that aired between 22nd September 2004 and 23rd May 2010, spanning six seasons and a total of 121 forty minute episodes. LOST focuses heavily on character development and interaction, with each episode focusing on a specific character or group of characters.

The series was created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof with Cuse and Lindelof acting as the showrunners for the shows six year run. Due to big ensemble cast and the fact that the show is set in Oahu, Hawaii, LOST is one of the most expensive television dramas that has been made, with the pilot costing $14 million by itself.

LOST was infamous for having a large number of unexplained mysteries that slowly became revealed as the seasons went along, with some season 1 questions only being answered towards the end of season 6. These mysteries kept millions of viewers hooked on the show and carried on watching it until its very end.

All of the characters fall into the 'morale grey area' as neither character in the show is purely good or bad. Every character has a dark past that comes back to haunt them whilst they are on the island, though some characters actually benefit from being stranded on the island.