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League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena created by Riot Games for windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is a free to play game which is supported by micro-transactions used to buy in-game items.

The game was developed and produced by the company Riot Games The game was first announced in 2008 on October 7th. After going through Alphas and Betas the game was soon released in October 27 2009. The game has vastly increased in popularity since its release date and this year has racked up a massive 67 million people per month on average playing the game.

It is somewhat inferior to Smite as gameplay is much less immersive. Players often gets called 'Point and click scrubs' by other gamers, due to the monotonous gameplay style.


A previously gathered team of 5 players is "summoned" in a battle against another team of 5, in which the players must try and destroy the opponents Nexus while defending your own. Every player has a specific role either as a playing on Top, Middle (Mid), Jungler (roaming the map and helping), Bottom (Bot) where 2 players go as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) and Support. Gameplay Changes Depending on which game mode is being played.


Summoners Rift

This is the Main map used by players. This map has three lanes which minions spawn regularly and provide gold upon killing them and a jungle with minions that spawn and provide buffs to the killer or a player that uses the ability smite on them. There is also a dragon that respawns every 6 minutes and provides a buff to the team that kill it as well as another epic monster, Baron Nashor, who provides any player who is alive when it is slain to the team that kills it. if a player is killed, then they lose the buff. Barron respawns every 7 minutes.

Howling Abyss

This map is normally played on during games of ARAM in which players are given a random champion and they try and defeat their opponents. This map only contains one lane rather then the normal 3 line like in Summoners Rift. Players may only purchase something from the shop after they spawn and remain on the spawn point. If they leave the spawn point, they may no longer purchase anything. There are also relics that spawn that give the player extra mana and health if they stand over it. it is then consumed and the relic goes back on cool down.



The League of legends Tank icon.

The role of the Tank is to Build High health and resistances, peel away damage threats from the other roles who die quickly such as Marksman and Mage and engage the opposite team at the right time The define feature of a Tank is the High Crowd Control for the team and is able to take a lot of damage without to much of an issue.


The League of legends Support icon.

The role of the Support is to protect, heal and/or buff their allies. This is most commonly the Marksman as they need the most gold possible from farming minions and need protection doing so. The Support can still be broken down into more sub roles such as Support Tank or Support Mage. The Support Tank will normally have more Crowd Control then the other types of supports as well as having higher resistances. The Support Mage is a Mage who has good base damage and Crowd Control. As a result they can do a lot of damage to the opposing Marksman and Support forcing them to either be killed or have to back to base to heal; Causing them to miss out on both EXP and gold. Because the Support has very limited Gold income, they can often struggle to be correctly Tanky or provide enough damage Mid to late game.


The League of legends Mage icon.

The role of the Mage is to Provide significant Damage in the form of Magic Damage. This Damage can range from anywhere from quick burst damage to longer damage over time.


The League of legends Assassin icon.

The role of the Assassin is to kill a high damage threat from the opposing team very quickly. This is most often targets who have little resistances like the Marksman or the Mage. However, Other Assassins and Supports can be picked of as well. An Assassin will normally be quick or have some sort of gap closer as well as high burst damage.


The League of legends Marksman icon.

The role of the Marksman is to do a high amount of damage towards the opponents through mostly damage over time auto attacks however some marksman have high burst damage abilities. They also help in taking objectives such as towers, dragon and baron quickly.


The League of legends Fighter icon.

The fighter is the type of character that works best early during the time of 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 Fights. Fighters have earlier damage power spikes when compared to the Marksman however, they don't scale as well due to both lower damage ratios on abilities and normally and in melee form so they are easily kited from the Marksman during later team fights. Due to this issue, most transition into building a few more resistance items so they can do more damage over time.