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Meme Maker is a group made by DMU Media Production students that focuses around providing the dankest memes to the meme craving public to satisfy their memey needs. Every now and then, a group of memebers will get together and discuss their favourite memes that they have seen since the last meeting. What makes this group different is that sometimes the memes are created by hand, and involve drawings made by the members and bits of paper cut and pasted in different locations in order of creating even more humour.

The Logo of the 'See The Meme, Be The Meme, Make The Meme' community


Heads of the community

But now you make me feel so ashamed because i've only got two pans.
One of Eleanor's posts in the Facebook group UKAinsley Harriott, showing the oily lord's face placed upon every member of the band.
The 3 main leaders of this memetastic community are Eleanor Jones, Oliver Wright and Ethan Beach.

Eleanor Jones prides herself on being a regular contributor to several meme focused groups, including UK Simpsons II and UKAinsley Harriott. Eleanor's favourite type of memes are the one's that are really random and probably wouldn't make sense to your average human being. She is a big fan of the Big Bang theory paint memes.

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