Miriam Pflumm

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Miriam Pflumm

Miriam Pflumm (born 21st, July 1992) is a German student studying Media Production at De Montfort University for 3 months. She is en Erasmus Student and normally in Germany she`s studying "Medienkonzeption" at the University of Furtwangen. Miriam hopes to be involved within the Television industry once she leaves university to present or to become part of the production crew. In different Internships she collect experience with Interviews, Camera equipement, Producerplan and the organisation at a filmset. Her first internship was the german Television Company "RTL II" in Munich. She worked there in the Special Marketing section. Her second Internship was the local TV Channel "L-TV Landesfernsehen" in Ludwigsburg. There, she worked at the beginning at en editor and later she produced her own material with the camera and cut them with the programme final cut.

In her freetime Miriam plays Volleyball in the University team and plays Saxophone at the "Musikverein Zimmern". She loves the Team Activities, because she's a communicative and cheerfully person.

Miriam wrote every week some article about her food experience. Klinck here for more informations - [1]