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Molly Jappy (2017)


Molly is a 19-year-old DMU student from East London, studying Communication Arts. Her time is filled with art, photography, music and most things of a creative nature. Also dogs, Molly loves dogs.

From a young age, Molly studied violin, piano and singing at the Guildhall School of Music, London and continued until aged 13 when her running career took off and she began to train for 2 different county teams. At age 16, a knee injury forced Molly to hang up her running shoes for a while - enabling her to develop her passion for all things art and photography.


Primary School Woodford Green Preparatory School (2004-2010)

Secondary School & Sixth Form Wanstead High School (2010-2017)

University De Montfort University (2017-Present)


Molly has had many the odd job, the first one being a Sales Assistant at fashion retailer 'Warehouse', which lasted a month as the job is not as glamorous as Molly had hoped!

Molly found herself more comfortable working in hospitality as a bartender and waitress at various bars and pubs around East London. However, this only satisfied Molly part-time, as whilst not at school or pulling pints, you would find her volunteering with BurnoutLDN at events across London, putting her passion for music and photography into practice.

Blog - Year 1


Assignment 1

  • [1]: The First of Many
  • [2]: #JusticeForGrenfell
  • [3]: #Grime4Grenfell
  • [4]: Gurls Talk

Assignment 2

  • [5]: The Walking Dead
  • [6]: DRGS IN LDN

Blog - Year 2

Component A

  • [7]: Cup of Tea - SDG3
  • [8]: Dancing Queen - SDG17

Component B

Component C

  • [9]: Prana Café