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Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1992, student from Univerity of Valencia of multimedia engineering. Now Erasmus student in Leicester, in De Montfort University enrolled in Advanced Social Media Production for help to develop one community for sharing content and knowledge with the help of Rob Watson Media [1] Interested in develop one social media campaign from different companies or for keep their social image on-line.

Worked in many photo studio in two ways, lighting and taking photos, interested in still life and sports photography.

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TECH3022 Research Report

Research Question

"How do large multi-national corporations promote and market processed food products online?"

Research Plan

My research plan is based in how the big companies are promoting processed food online on Christmas in different countries, in my case Spain and England. The plan research has been based on analyse several multi-national corporations like Iceland or Tesco, in England, and Alcampo or Abordo in Spain.


Nacho Dolz has studied and researched the differences between English and Spanish Christmas meal. Especially we are focused in the English process food, because in Spain the families do not usually use pre-cooked food on Christmas, they cook homemade food and they make family gatherings.


My research has been done on Christmas term in Leicester and my Christmas trip to Spain asking my family and friends how they live the Christmas meal on their homes with their families. Also which kind of food are present on the table on those dates. And also, how impact the marketing campaigns of big business in their meals.


The main platforms used to promote this kind of processed food are online platforms like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. As well we can find diverse advertisements on websites, such as pop-ups or video advertisements on webpages.


Big corporations offer different kind of online processed products like food on Christmas dates. We can find in their websites several offers such as pre-cooked food. They promote online because is easier to buy and cook by the consumer and also it has better price than if you go to the shop.


The Spanish families cook every Christmas day for all the family, such as fifteen or twenty persons. This meal has to be organized, planned and cooked for a long time, also the family who cooks the meal has to spend a lot of money because the food is as fresh possible. Also the multi-national companies make lots of sales en their online products, because they do not spend money for storage that items and it is an easy way to buy products online, so they promote online processed food. On the other hand English families often plan the Christmas meals differently. They often buy more frozen things like turkey or meat pudding for the meal. Also they do not spend long time cooking or planning the gatherings with the familiars, as well they spend much less money because products are processed or frozen.


The process that I used for my investigation was interviews to my family and friends asking several questions about Christmas and New Year Eve meal, questions about the meals. Also visiting and analysing the main websites and different online platforms such as YouTube or Facebook which are used by the multinational companies to promote this kind of processed food, especially on Christmas term.

Strategy of the multi-national corporations

Multi-national corporations use the online platforms to develop online advertisement campaigns to impulse their products, in this case processed food. This corporation usually use different kind of advertisements on several online platforms. In example on YouTube they put adverts before the video begins. Also the companies use Facebook to create corporation pages or events to introduce this kind of food to other publics, like old generations. Furthermore these corporations buy personal data from big technological and communication companies, such as Google or Yahoo, to get the emails and the data about the users in order to send personalized offers and emails for each consumer, depending of their likes.

Netnography in the multi-national corporations

I have based my research in different cultures in various countries, Spain and England. In Spain the focus in the adverts is different because the ethnic diversity is much less than other countries, so the advertisements of process food are very diverse depending of the religion and culture. However if we pay attention to England publicity campaigns, we can observe that is very different, due to that the ethnic diversity, culture and religion is much more varied. For the big multi-national companies is very important where is going to make the publicity campaign, because it depends on the religion and culture, it means, it depending on the religion of a community, they can eat one kind of food or not. These factors influence the way to communicate or transmit any type of information, in this case is more difficult because the communication is in one way, without feedback.


To conclude, we can say that every large multi-national corporations are promoting their market and processed food online using different type of advertisements and products, depending the country and the term in the year. Also they always try to sell processed products that facilitate the life for the people who do not have time to cook or who are older to cook that kind of dishes, such as the turkey in a special day like Christmas.

Research contributions to the campaign

This research about the multi-national corporations and the processed food has an influence in Health for student’s campaign at time to promote fresh products and healthy food. With this information, the teams can get knowledge about which the difference is between these two kinds of food in order to give answers to the users involved campaign. Furthermore, this information has been relevant at time to plan the food that will be promoted in the campaign, because it has to fit in all the religions and cultures, therefore the campaign teams have to decide which kind of food they will be use. Thereby, the campaign will carry out using vegetables, fruits and recipes that everyone can eat, and also, these kind of fresh food is very healthy and cheaper than big companies, so it will be easier to promote among the students.

All the information about the campaign is in the website [2], and also if a user want to know how the campaign has been developed it can see all the process in the wiki page[[3]]. .

Nacho Dolz Contributions

This section has been created to post all the Nacho's contribution in the social media campaign #students4life for Advanced social media production. It is going to include the evolution of the website project in the Production Planning.

Re-design website for the social media campaign

This week Nacho has researched diferent templates for the social media campaign website. Nacho searched differet kind of templates to show to the rest of the team. After discuss between several designs the design was chosen. Furthermore, Nacho was thinking in adding some funccionalities for the web such creating a home page, where all the news related with the campaign as well as all the event that another team will do, will take place.

Furthermore, Nacho has created a pre-design using Photoshop in order to show how it will look before build the webpage.

On the other hand Nacho and Marsha decided to create a new logo for changing the name and the slogan of the campaign. The social media campaign was called Health 4 life, therefore it was considered to set up a shorter name to design the logo. The slogan and the name of the campaign were published in the Facebook group, where it was discussed and chosen: "Students 4 life" as a name and "with health life is better" as a slogan.

Home page for Health 4 students campaign

During this week Nacho has worked in the home page in No Quarter Given for the health for students campaign. This main have been added to provide easier access to the sections inside the website through an "easy navigation".

Home page of No Quarter Given
Home page of No Quarter Given


The main page has been distributed by sections in order to improve the usability and accessibility for the users.


The header contains the logo and the slogan's company and the menu to navigate through the pages. At first the media team wanted to change it but it had to keep it in order to keep the same style in all the campaigs developed by No Quarter Given.

This menu, now only have the Home page and the Blog page, but new pages are going to be added to create new content.

Image Slider

The image slide has built with a pluging inside the template to show images related with the campaing such as Leicester market and events.

Direct links

In this secction several direct links have been developed to make the web more functional and accesible. With these likns you can navigate through the most important pages and obtain relevant information related with the campaign.


This section contains all the external contributions to the campaign. Everyone who wants collaborate with the camapign is free to send their contrubitions and it will be placed in this page.


Regarding the testimonials section we will be able to read the testimonials and the opinions from people gathered in the events.


These pages have been created to show all the teams involved in the campaign and the role that they have inside it.


In the footer you can find diferent secctions:

Direct access and Search bar

In the Direct access widget you can see the last posts posted in the blog, it makes easy read the lastest news.

With search bar widget you can search the content in the whole page only using one boton in order to improve the usability.

Connect us

This secction has been thought to host all the social media channels that the teams are using for the campaign. These buttons provide easy access to all the channels without the need to seach it in each platform.

Contact us

All the details to contact with the teams involved with the campaing is placed in the right side in this section. In this area is placed the address, the number phone, the webpage and the e-mail.

Integrate of social media channels in the campaign

Social media channels

The campaign has presence in the most successful social media networks: Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Google + and Instagram. These channels were chosen by the social media team, because they are the most important online communication channels.

In order to improve the online presence of the campaign, this week Nacho has worked in the integration of these channels in the website. This integration has carried out with the help of the “Jetpack” Wordpress plugin, which is an assistant to incorporate new functionalities within Wordpress. At first the team had few issues with the YouTube channel button because it could not link as others, so Nacho and Rob decided to put this channel in the blog page instead of at the bottom of the page like the rest.

Thereby, how it is possible to see, all the channels are in the footer of the main page in order to get an easy direct access for the users. At the blog page, Nacho has changed the sidebar to the left due to all the blogs usually have it in the right side. This sidebar contains YouTube and Twitter feedback widgets, where it is possible read every update in those channels besides the feedback from these posts. Furthermore the widgets have a “follow” button to follow the campaign channels with only one click. This side also contain a plugin that allows the users search by category within the whole blog content


This section explains how the official page of No quarte given has been built and all the information needed to undertand the process. All the design details to understand the Webpage are placed here. Production_Planning

Website for #health4Students campaign

Web images

This section shows and explain how the web images have been created and designed. All of the images used in the website are avaliable in it.

Images for the official webpage No Quarter Given

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