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TECH3022 Social Media Practice Blog Posts

What Even Is Processed Food?

This blog post is the first post for this component, and looks into what people online deem to be processed food.

"Sugar Is Love, Sugar Is Life" - Everyone

This blog post looks into how sugar is bad for you and outlines some peoples journeys on reducing their sugar intake.

Sugar Coating In Supermarkets

This is a blog post focusing on deceptive packaging in super markets.

You Just Don't Care, Do You?

This final blog post for this component looks at well known campaigns against sugar and peoples opinions on them


Brainstorming Session!

The first blog post in a journal type series following my progress in the group project we are doing, this one focusing on the first meeting I attended

Where Is Our Content Going To Go?

Deciding exactly what platforms we wanted to create and why

The Birth Of Sugar Things

A post looking at how we came up with the name for the campaign and also how we achieved the profile and cover photos

Optimising Our Sites

This post looks at how the sites were set up to reach their full potential

The Balls Rolling..!

Talking about how our social media pages have started to become active and what I think about them so far!

Who Knew Spongebob Would Be So Insightful?

An update on how what i've learnt about memes, focusing on how fast paced they are.

Meme Making!!

Examples of some of my work on this project as well as how I created them

Mixin' Dat Media Up

This looks at the process and reaction to a video myself and two other group members created for the campaign

Reflecting On Everything

The final blog post for this section is a reflective piece looking at the strengths and weaknesses of our campaign.