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Paul Johnson (born 10th may 1993) is a British Student at De Montfort University.


Paul Johnson was born in Reading on the 10th of May 1993, As a child he liked football and wanted to be astronaut. He had an average childhood centered around computers, His father was in web design and instructed Paul on coding and computing from a young age. In his later years Paul Johnson, Took over his fathers web design business when he passed away due to Lung Cancer. Since then Paul having further developed his passion for computing into a more fiscal form with studys.


Chieveley Primary School

Paul Johnson Attended Chieveley Primary School, he had a keen interest in football and played for the school on numerous occasions

The Downs School

Paul went into secondary school at The Downs School which was the local Secondary school for a number of villages in the West Berkshire region near the Ridgeway, There he found a new passion in Rugby and took part in competitions and eventually rugby tour for the school.

During his GCSEs, Paul's Father sadly passed due to a long fight lung Cancer, this put Paul out of school for quite a while and he stopped playing rugby however he still followed it. He did satisfactory but not well in his GCSEs and decided to go for a level 2 diploma in ICT to further focus his mind on ICT principles as he enjoyed it. There he did a year of work experience at Vodafone Studios in which he took part in plenty of projects, learnt about the media industry and how to use various types of pieces of equipment, Here he was offerd a job with the studio however he decided that it would be best to concentrate on his study, He passed the Course with Distinction.

Newbury College

Paul decided that he wanted to pursue a career in media production, and as such went for a Diploma at Newbury college in Media, There he learnt lots of useful skills and met many like minded individuals who shared a passion for media. He passed the course although due to illness he didn't get the grades he wanted, he was satisfied.

Keele University

A year later Paul decided to go to Keele university and study Computer science with business, a radical change in prospect and as such decided to take a foundation year in sciences. Even though he was doing well academically, Paul was unlucky as cancer struck his family once again as his mother developed Throat cancer and as such had to go thru treatment. She needed to be looked after and losing his father to cancer, knowing what it does to someone he left Keele University to take care of his mother and be with her.

De-montfort University

Paul went back to study Media Production at DMU, continuing on his drive for excellence within a university and striving towards a higher level of personal growth and education, he excelled in first year, however did poorly academically 2nd year due to cancer once again rearing its ugly head, During 3rd year Paul was once again struck with health issues this time however with himself as he suffered a gall bladder rupture within the first 3 weeks of university, this and the subsqent drugs to deal with this made him lose a lot of time at his university career in what was his most important year yet, Meaning his marks at the start of the year were again poor due to inability to focus and lack of attendance, however he has striven hard to achieve a degree he could be proud off and graduated in 2017 with honours.


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Thanks for your time, all the best! Paul