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Photography is the art and practice of creating physical and digital images by capturing light, either chemically on photographic film or electronically from an image sensor. Light reflected of the subject of photos is usually focused through a camera lens onto a light sensitive surface inside the camera.

De Montfort University offers photography and still image as modules in various media-based courses, such as BSc Media Production, as well as specific photography courses:

Light Painting

Light painting is a digital photography technique using a long exposure to record the movement of a light source.

Fashion Photography

For main article: Fashion Photography

Macro Photography

Macro photography is capturing an image extremely close up that emphasis on details, pattern and texture. Capturing on macro mode usually makes very small objects appear to seem bigger than real life size.


Photography tips and tricks

  • Martin Aleksiev found a useful video tutorial about simple tricks and tips that could help enhance your photography.

Double Exposure Tutorial

  • Alice Owers found a video tutorial about how to create an Easy Double Exposure in Photoshop, this video could be helpful for Adobe Photoshop beginners and people looking at expanding their skills.

Tutorials and Creative Photography Ideas

  • Alice Mutch discovered this video produced by Trick Photography which explains the best tricks for photography and how different creative idea's for photography. This could be helpful for people who enjoy photography but need some new idea's and ways to use their cameras.