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Pinterest Logo (2010)

Pinterest (2010), is a social media website and app which allows you to store any images and discoveries that you find. Founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann , they created a site is like a mood board; you can gather your findings and organise them into separate categories. From a range of categories, such as clothing to food, this site is ideal for anyone who is planning projects or is trying to discover a new hobby.


Boards enables you to section off their pins and posts into different categories. Furthermore, these categories are not just from a list. It is entirely up to you whether you want it to select a certain category or name. Not only do these boards help you to organise your own work, it helps others navigate around them too.

Followers/ Following

Like any other social media site, you can follow people and gain followers. This is ideal if you want to keep up to date on what your follower has liked or pinned. Furthermore, it also helps gets your ideas noticed and builds up a community.


Like an actual pin board, Pinterest allows you to pin the image/ idea what you have found on the site into one of your boards. This is idea for collecting and storing inspiration.


If you in love with a certain image but it is not for your boards, then why not like it instead. All of the image that you like gets stored into your account so you can look back at them at any time.


When you start following people and gain followers then you can try out the messaging function. This instant messaging process is ideal for sharing ideas and planning projects with friends.


The news function keeps you up to date with the latest pins and likes from your followers. This is great for discovering something new and finding out more about what your followers enjoy.