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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing timeline-based software application. It includes graphic design, editing, and web development, as its part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. BBC and CNN broadcasters use Premiere pro and it has been used to edit films such as Captain Abu, Monsters, and Gone Girl. Pp.jpg


Premiere pro was launched in 2003 and was a redesigned successor to Adobe Premiere. It was one of the first computer based, non-linear editing systems, being first released on Mac in 1991.


•Supports high resolution video editing (10,240 x 8,192 resolution) •Up to 32-bits per channel colour in YUV and RGB •5.1 Surround sound mixing •Audio sample-level editing •Plug-in architecture enables it to import and export formats, beyond those supported by DirectShow and Quick time. •Supports 3D editing

After Effects/Photoshop/Adobe Story

Adobe Dynamic Link allows compositions from Adobe After Effects may be played back and imported directly on Premiere Pro timeline. The after effects can be modified and when switching back to Premiere pro, the clip will update the changes. In addition, Premiere Pro projects can also be imported into After Effects. From Premiere Pro, adobe Photoshop files can be opened and changes will be updated when the file in Photoshop is saved. Premiere Pro workflow takes advantage of metadata in the script. Which is created in and brought into Adobe Story, then its passed to Adobe On Location to capture footage. Speech recognition can match the audio to the dialogue from the script.