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Rianna Robinson, 2016

Early Life

Rianna Louise Robinson was born 5th January 1998 in London[1], but soon moved with her older brother and mother to Birmingham [2] after her parents divorced. Rianna is studying BSc Media Production at De Montfort University[3] Both her parents are from the Caribbean. Her brother also attended De Montfort University and got his degree in Animation BA (Hons) in 2014.


Rianna and her band mates, school leavers day 2014

Rianna attended Hall Green Secondary School [4] where she grew her confidence in performing. She started a band with her class mates which went on for 2 years and performed at various events including The Carven[5] in Liverpool[6], the band broke up in 2014 when they all went off to college. Here she achieved Her GCSE's and went on to get her A-Leves at Cadbury Sixth Form College[7]. During her time at Cadbury College Rianna studied media, performing arts and music. Her life goal then was to either sing or act professionally. While studying media in college she realised that what she really wanted to do was editing and learn more about special effects used in films and tv shows. She now lives in Leicester[8] and attends De Montfort University[9]

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from media, Rianna also loves food. Rianna has stated that her favourite food type is Caribbean and Chinese and is williling trying anything. She also loves to bake and wishes to get back into it soon.

She also loves performing, her life goal was to either sing or act but she found it difficult to get into professionally, she misses taking part in musicals and hopes to join a theatre club. She is currently learning how to play the guitar so she can get back to singing and making her own covers and original songs.

Rianna has a long list of favourite TV shows and films. The TV shows include One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, How To Get Away With Murder, and many more. Her films include Avengers Assemble, High School Musical, Toy Story, Grease, West Side Story, Think Like A Man and much more.


Cadbury Canons

Rianna has stated that she doesn't like one perticular genre of music. She listens to a bit of everything. Her favourite singers are Tyler Hilton[10] and Laura Izibor[11]. She also loves songs from musicals. Her favourite musicals are West Side Story and Grease. When she's not singing solos, she usually sings with her two best friends that she met in college. They also have a passion for preforming. In college Rianna took part in the musical Godspell. Rianna took part in many choirs during her school time. She was the lead singer in her school band, she joined two choirs at school and even a third outside of school run by the A Capella group Black voices [12]

During her time at college Rianna help to form a glee group called The Cadbury Canons. It was lead by one of the music teachers and there were fourteen members.

Her love for music stems from both sides of her family. Her mother, uncle and grandfather all sing in choirs, these choirs mainly sing gospel so she grew up on that type of music.

Social Media

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