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A photo of Richard Asare (2015)

Early Life

Richard Asare was born in Febuary 1997 in Queen Mary's Hostpital in London. Richard Spent 18 years living in London.


Richard attended St John Fisher Primary School in south east London before attending St Columbus secondary school. Richard achieved 10 GCSE's A-C at his time at St Columbus, he then went on to study BTEC Business Level 3 at Christ the King sixth form college where he achieved the grades D*DD. Richard now study's Media Production at De Monte ford University.


Richards main interest is football , he gave up football at the age of 17 to Focus more on his education. He aslo has an interest in film making and video editing. Other interest of Richard are: social events such as party's and gatherings & Also more media related things such as creating animations

Blog Posts

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JULY 21, 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo Offical Movie

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JULY 27, 2016 3 things I cant stand

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JULY 29, 2016 Greatest footballers ever

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AUGUST 2, 2016 Funniest football moments

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AUGUST 5, 2016 First car meet

- This post shows what happened at our first car meet.

AUGUST 5, 2016 Lets spread the word!

-This post is about setting up a facebook page for car meets.

AUGUST 7, 2016 Insta Insta!

-This post shows the startup of an Instagram page

AUGUST 7, 2016 First Instagram post

-This post shows the first car meet instagram post

August 15, 2016 The Blue Bird

-This post is about the startup of the car meet twitter page.

August 16, 2016 Firing up the tweets

-This post is about the first few twitter tweets.

August 17, 2016 Ready? Set, Insta!

-This post is about the first Instagram video

August 18, 2016 Lets Take Over YouTube

-This post is about the first video on Youtube.

August 18, 2016 end of the road

-This post is an overview of the car meets

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