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Roy Mark Weller is a fourth year BSc Media Production student at De Montfort University.
Roys social media profile picture.

Roy is an aspiring academic writer and researcher, he is currently working on his technology project into social media and stress.

He is an active part of the DMU community being the social sec for the Swimming and Triathlon club.


De Montfort University, Leicester

Independent Study: Leicester Media School MA/MSc PG Dip/PG Certr[1], 2019-2020

This course provides you with an opportunity to design your own individual programme of master’s-level studies within the Leicester Media School, while being supported and supervised by leading national and international scholars.

Application Accepted

Roy's Application to study has been accepted on a conditional 2:2 which with his current predicted grades would appear extremely attainable.

BSc (4-year Hons) Media Production (P31041)[2], 2015-2019

Media Production BSc (Hons) is an industry-focused course which provides you with the technical foundations and practical skills needed to gain a leading role in digital broadcast or social media production.

Year 4 Modules

TECH3010 Technology Project (100% est)

TECH3022 Social Media Practice (81% est)

TECH3025 Creative Image Production (70% est)

TECH3026 Creative Media Entrepreneurship (80% est)

Year 3 Modules

SAND2901 Industrial Placement Year at Robert Bosch Ltd. (70%)

Year 2 Modules

TECH2002 Social Media Production (50%)

TECH2004 Video and Imaging Techniques (48%)

TECH2007 3D Modelling and Animation (56%)

TECH2008 Television Production (67%)

Year 1 Modules

TECH1002 Social Media Innovation (66%)

TECH1003 Technology 1: Fundamentals (75%)

TECH1004 Media Capture and Process (59%)

TECH1015 Multimedia 1 (70%)

Beauchamp College, Leicester


3, A2 C’s in Media, Film and English

5, AS B-C in Media, Film and English

11, GCSE A*-B’s including English and Maths

1, BTEC Level 2 Distinction* in Business

Additional Qualifications

With Education:

• Effective Writing as part of a business – Pass

• Prejudice and Discrimination in the work place sensitivity training - Pass

• Working with Others - Pass

• International Computer Driving Licence - Pass

With Work:

• Industrial Compliance training – Pass

• BUILD Programme:

o Effective Communication - Pass

o Time Management - Pass

o Leading Myself - Pass

o Creativity and Problem Solving – Pass

Independently Acquired:

• Full and clean EU/UK Driving Licence - Pass

• First Aid and AED training - Pass

• NPLQ, Lifeguarding qualification - Pass

Social Media

Facebook [3]

Twitter [4]

Linkedin [5]

Blog Posts

Tech 3022

Comp A - Survey of Campaigns

Kony 2012

For my survey of a social media campaign I chose to do Kony 2012 by Invisible Children, a campaign to raise money to help ugandan children escape becoming child soldiers. The campaign was a 30 min video that used emotive language to try and motivate people to donate and participate in the project.

Reflexive video

Comp B - Social Media Project Investigation

Creating a social media platform for timberland in the highcross.

The clash of black friday and cyber monday

Reflexive video

Comp C - Group Project

‘Discover The Real Me’; Overview of social media campaign for Timberland in the highcross.

‘Discover The Real Me’: Facebook campaign for Timberland in the highcross.

‘Discover The Real Me’: Twitter campaign for Timberland in the highcross.

‘Discover The Real Me’: Instagram campaign for Timberland in the highcross.

Reflexive video

Tech 1002

Progressive blog posts

How I researched to try and get better at chess.

Me discussing how I communicate to my dad using internet articles.

A post about advertisement in information media.

Sexual orientation, gender identity and the media.

A blog post about media surrounding religion.

A post about selfies and how they can be a construction to reflect something rather than vanity.

A post about What the purpose of the blog is.

My first post on wordpress after renouncing my ways and my reluctance to go back to doing a blog.

Social media project

Social media project 1.0

Social media project 2.0

Social media project 3.0

Social media project 4.0

Social media project 5.0

Social media project 6.0

Social media project 7.0

Social media project 8.0

Social media project 9.0

Social media project 10.0

Reflective Video